The Worst Household Plumbing Problems!

The Worst Household Plumbing Problems! post image

Every household will have to deal with many plumbing issues during its lifespan. There are plenty of problems that can occur, some more serious than others.

Today, we’re going to have a look at some of the worst household plumbing problems. These three things need to be sorted out as soon as they occur:

Blocked Bathroom Drain

Arguably the most common household plumbing problem is having a blocked bathroom drain.

Typically, people’s drains can become blocked because of people showering every day. Loose hair and gunk can get stuck in the drain and lead to it being clogged up. When this happens, your drain can overflow, and you might end up flooding your bathroom. The good news is, it’s easy to fix a problem like this, and you can do it yourself.

You have two options here, the first of which is to remove the blockages by hand. Use a thin tool to poke down the plug hole and try to clear any blockages. You may find that this works, and your drain is fine and unblocked. However, sometimes, this won’t work as the blockage is too severe. So, you need to get some drain unblocker and pour it down your plughole. Ideally, you should do this overnight and see the results in the morning. The chemicals will melt all of the loose hair and gunk, leaving your drain free from debris.

Sewer Line Problems

Problems with your sewer line can be a major issue in every household. The fact is, at one point or another, you’ll have to go through some sort of sewer line repair. It’s a common problem that needs to be sorted out. There are numerous issues you can have with your sewer line, and they’re all bad. The most common of which is a blockage. A sewer line blockage can cause a horrible smell in your house. It’s not something that anyone wants to experience at all. If you start to smell a pungent odor in your bathroom, then you might have a sewer line problem. Some people compare the smell to a dead animal. When you smell this, call a plumber in to check your sewer line and fix the issue so you can live in peace.

Clogged Toilet

Your toilet can pose many problems to your plumbing system. A running toilet is a big issue, but not as bad as a clogged one. If your toilet gets clogged, then you run the risk of flooding your entire bathroom. One flush is all it takes for it to overflow and go everywhere. As you can imagine, this won’t be a very pretty site! You can try and unclog your toilet by using a plunger, but it might be too severe for this to take effect. Your best bet is to call a plumber in so they can deal with it in a professional manner.

If you get any of these plumbing problems, then you need to act fast. Do what you can to fix the problems yourself or call in a plumber. The important thing is that you don’t waste time, and get your plumbing back to normal.

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