Wood Parquetry Flooring- The Best Option for Your Home

Wood Parquetry Flooring- The Best Option for Your Home post image

Knowing for its flawless design and amazing detailing, parquetry flooring adds an incredible elegance to any house.

Being available with endless options to choose from, such as brick look, traditional basket and herringbone designs, this flooring all the whole gives a new life to your existing house.

This is why there are many people out there who are huge fans of this intricate flooring style that captures the true essence of beauty and intricate work in a magical way.

The roots of this flooring takes us back to 1648, where parquetry was first featured by the French. During that period, these floors where just blocks of hardwoods that were placed in different shapes (squares, triangles, and trapezium) and then nailed together. Soon this style became quite popular among the elite members of the society because it did not absorb moisture, hence there was no chance of rotting as other floors of those times had.

This is the reason why experts comprehend to the fact that with this style of flooring one can seamlessly add a touch of historic design, seeking the right balance between modernity and contemporary style for your homes.

Elegant Timber Parquetry Flooring Are Timeless Addition to Your House

When you will start your research about various floor options that could match your house, the one style that will outshine millions is the timber parquetry flooring. It is considered to be the epitome of elegance and marvelous style. One will hardly find any other flooring that will come up to the level of this one. This floor has always been the highlight for many homeowners not only for its beauty but because of its user-friendly features also such as easy to install, maintain and its feature to add an instant glam style to the house.

4 Amazing Features of Timber Parquetry at a Glance

As mentioned before, there are many amazing features offered by this flooring style and some of them are as follows:

  1. Installation: This flooring comes in the category of those few flooring styles that can be installed very easily as tiles and in return is loved for its convenience. As the installation in simple, so you need not to pay too much to your flooring contractors. This means that you save on both sides: saving on the price of the floor as well as savings on its installation too.
  1. Rich 3D Look: Now parquetry is a wondrous style of flooring that is done with the help of different blocks of timber. This provides a rich 3D effect to the floor and adds a classy look to the interior of your house too. After all, who wouldn’t love to have beautiful and realistic flooring in their house?
  1. Quiet Thin: This is another interesting feature of parquetry flooring. This flooring is quite thin when compared to engineered or other solid floorings. Its thin feature gives it a better structural value and enhances their durability.
  1. Affordable: Apart from being rich, elegant and beautiful, they are affordable too. That is why these floors are called as a complete package for those who love to have the right balance of contemporary and modern style flooring for their house.

It’s Easy to Find Parquetry Flooring!

You don’t have to search thousands of retail stores to get the best parquetry, as there are many amazing stores out there who ensure to provide you with high quality floors at reasonable rates. The only thing that you need to do is research a bit about the company that you want to go with, their services, and price of the flooring. Once you are satisfied with the company then without giving a second thought just go for it.

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