Ways to Update Your Kitchen on a Small Budget

Ways to Update Your Kitchen on a Small Budget post image

In the majority of households kitchen is a room that is most frequently used in its full capacity, all the amenities and appliances equally and on a daily basis.

As a result, it is also a room that needs redecoration and update more often than other and very often it turns out to be a rather expensive investment. However, it does not have to be so.

You could update a kitchen in a significantly more affordable manner, suitable to practically any budget. Here are several ideas that make it happen.

Repaint the walls

One of the most effective ways of refurbishing and updating a kitchen is to repaint the walls. It restores the freshness of the entire room and completely changes the perspective. If you can afford only a single action, this is definitely the one to go for.

Also, do not forget the fact that by choosing a suitable color and its shade you can both make your kitchen look bigger, as well as achieve the atmosphere that suits you the most.

Refresh the cabinets

Nothing is more noticeable than a worn down cabinet with broken handles and chirped, dulled or cracked lacquer. No, they are not more vintage looking like and something must be done about it.

Changing pulls and handles is one of the easiest ways of updating kitchen appearance. What is more, the variety of choices available guarantees that you will find suitable ones for every design idea you may have. After you picked your favorites, lacquer the cabinets in a color that will match your new pulls or handles and enjoy the positive effect the combo will have on your kitchen appearance.

Countertops make up

Another detail that is immediately noticed in every kitchen is the state the countertops are in. If they are damaged or worn out it is immediately noticed and cannot be camouflaged since they play an important functional and visual role in every kitchen. Therefore, replace them if needed. If stone or marble countertops are your thing but you cannot afford to replace them with new ones, laminates are making a mark on the market nowadays so take them into strong consideration instead.


When it comes to larger kitchen appliances, oven is probably used the most, for anything from roast beef to your favorite chocolate cake. If you had to choose a single kitchen appliance to replace, the oven should be at the top of the list. However, unlike the recommendations in other paragraphs that can be completed by the owners themselves in the majority of cases, an oven installation should be left to professionals.

Remember how frequently an oven is used and that it needs to work flawlessly and durably, which all begins with the perfect installation.

Arts and flowers

If you do not have any works of art displayed in the kitchen, or flowers for that matter, it was high time you had. There is no justifiable reason why both of them should not be exhibited in your kitchen. After all, considering the time spent in it regularly, there is no better place for them in the entire house.

Therefore, hang or position you favorite artwork and add some colorful flowers, too. You will be amazed by the positively refreshing effect it will have on the kitchen appearance. When the effect starts to diminish, repeat everything.

Updating a kitchen on a small budget is possible, particularly if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work, or most of it, yourselves. It may seem hard at the beginning, but you will soon get the hang of it.

Invest the money saved like that in a professional dealing with more complicated operations and very soon you will have a completely refurbished kitchen.

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