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It is an obvious fact that we live in a modern age with innovative technical solutions being introduced on a daily basis in any area of life from business technology, medical discoveries to home appliances and entertainment. However, there are places where traditional design solutions are still valued and sought after. One of them certainly is a bathroom.

Regardless whether this is due to nostalgic reasons or aesthetic ones, there is something about vintage style design that is timeless. Here are the best examples and suggestions how to make yours look like that too.

Colors to use

Wall color is at the top of the list since a properly chosen one will set the entire atmosphere towards vintage ambiance. There is no place for extravagance here, soothing tones and soft palette is the way to go. If you do not wish to have all the walls painted in a single color, make sure you combine them in analogous mode; this will make sure you achieve certain dynamics and still retain the proper mood. When amenities are concerned, the safest way to go is to keep to the same palette that you used to paint the walls. If you wish to make some contrast, natural wood and green will always find their spot.

Bath tub

Since we are discussing vintage style design, shower cabins of any kind simply have no place here. Furthermore, a tub needs to be a center design piece and dictate the style of all other bathroom elements, especially the sink. When the material is concerned, porcelain and ceramics are the best choices. The lines need to be oval and gentle and the size as large as possible. If you have enough room, let the tub dominate the space, position it at the center of the bathroom. If not, corners are also great spots to install a tub. Still, make sure it is detached; inbuilt ones belong to modern age and design.

Pedestal sink

Just as it is the case with detached tubs, solely pedestal sinks should be considered for vintage style bathrooms. There are several possible choices when it comes to material. Marble, glass and porcelain are highly attractive and will provide an additional touch of elegance if you opt for them. However, they are very fragile and require special maintenance and attention. If that seems to tricky, fireclay would be a better choice. It provides similar aesthetics and offers higher durability.


The choice of materials plays an important role here too. Copper, wrought iron and nickel would be an equally good aesthetics choice; however, there are differences when it comes to installment and maintenance. If you have any doubts about which to choose, it would be best to consult the experienced professional plumbers Castle Hill area has to offer. When it comes to shape and sizes, they all come in such diversity that you will have no trouble finding ones that will fit your needs.


It definitely needs to be ceramic one with detached, wall mounted water tank and a flush operated by a handle attached to a chain. It will be as functional as contemporary ones and probably more durable with normal use.


This is an area where you can emphasize vintage design. Thick towels, from back in the day where there was no material saving, old perfume bottles positioned on vintage looking shelves, vintage themed posters on the walls and especially ornate mirror will surely do the trick. Fresh flowers are welcomed too, as well as candle holders.

As you can see, vintage style design is all about properly chosen materials and attention to detail. Therefore, take your time, be patient, seek additional advice if needed and you will surely be pleased in the end.

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