Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture

Turning Pallets into Unique Pieces of Furniture post image

It takes a creative individual, some genuine inspiration, two or three ordinary pallets and you can get a beautiful modern design worthy of everyone’s attention. You are making a statement, of course, and it is way better to build something unique than throwing that same frame out to end up as someone’s firewood.

If your apartment or a house is in a desperate need of a retouch, and your place looks old and boring, you can make a wonderful design that will make your place a popular hangout location.

The eye-pleasing and also comfortable furniture will distinct you from your friends and family, and if your line of work is in any way involved in some sort of creative business, this is a definite choice for you as well. Remember that these frames are built for forklifts and had to carry significant weight, so they are incredibly strong and can serve as a great removable platform for any occasion. In fact, here are a few suggestions on how to turn pallets into unique pieces of furniture.


You don’t have to be such a skilled carpenter to realize how easily pallets can be transformed into a table. A great choice for both indoor and outdoor purpose! If you have a green garden, trees and plants and everything, this type of creation will perfectly combine with that outdoorsy setting, and it is certainly a better alternative than buying expensive furniture that your guests won’t even notice. Plus, it is a great conversation starter, which can go in your personal benefit, when someone asks you where you got that table.

To be a creative individual with and edgy statement you don’t even have to do that much hard work, if you have a good idea that’s everything you need basically. First, you have to give those frames some good brushing, and you should use different types of sandpaper to make a smooth surface. For attaching the pieces together, you should use wood screws, size of those differs of course, depending on what sort of pallets you got, but you can also try adding glue for to fasten everything together.

When it comes to painting, it’s all up to you to choose the color and combination. You can keep the natural look, or make it completely different to match the environment, if you put your back into it just a little bit more, people won’t even notice at first glance that they are resting their coffee on a DIY project. Also, as an indoor piece, this is a perfect choice for a coffee table, because all you need is a glass surface on top once you are done with a retouch. It can even be a working surface!

Sofa or Bed

We won’t go through “how to do it” part again, but if you are in any need of using a saw, please don’t do it yourself if you don’t have the experience. Not many things can go wrong, and it is a few minutes work, but still you can never be safe enough. Again, both indoor and outdoor great design solutions for your furniture can be building a sofa frame out of pallets. You still need cushions, but the good part is that anything goes with a wood pattern! So if you have any old sofa that you were thinking of throwing out, build a frame out of frames, and you can reuse cushions and pillows as well and give a completely new look to your living room or a garden.

Also, you can easily build a frame for your bed, all you need to do is to stack up and attach pallets together and it will be as firm and steady as any other, perhaps even more reliable, and still will look great in your bedroom or any other place for that matter.


If you are a student, or just a wondering creative soul, you can easily make shelves out of plastic pallets. But if you need longer lasting furniture you can also use wooden frames to build shelves, bookshelves, storage for your shoes, a coat rack, basically anything in your house that can be made out of wood, you can do it yourself in a record time. The shelves don’t even have to be even, you can play with sizes, positions and combine anything that comes to your mind, and you can do it all with just a few basic tools that are probably already laying around somewhere in your shed.

Best part is, all of this furniture is Eco-friendly. So in addition to your designer skills and practical use that you get in the process, you are also helping the environment. Isn’t that a reason enough to start thinking about giving your place a completely new look?

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