Tips for Creating a Relaxing Zen Space Full Of Harmony and Peacefulness

Tips for Creating a Relaxing Zen Space Full Of Harmony and Peacefulness post image

Everybody needs a place where they will feel comfortable, relaxed and serene. Creating a space like this requires some basic skills and knowledge about certain aspects. There are some specific things when implemented in one’s home that may contribute to feelings of comfort, peace and pleasantness.

The things that are going to be used in this space can vary quite a bit.

But these are just some tips on how to create a tranquil and Zen space that will provide satisfaction to the whole family.


The first and perhaps the most important thing about creating a Zen space in a home is carefully choosing the colors and the shades. When deciding on the colors that will dominate the complete space, the best solution is focusing on natural and earthly tones. This should include colors like beige, brown, white, ivory and even some shades of orange. This is because this choice of color can greatly contribute to the complete ambient and the feeling of calmness in the space.

Lighting and Scent

Investing in appropriate lighting is one of the crucial points when it comes to making a peaceful place for relaxing. Introducing as much of natural light into the room should be one of the priorities. This should include ceiling to floor windows, roof windows or even opting for glass doors. Another important thing is to add some natural scents to the room. Essential oils and scented candles are a great choice to enhance the complete ambient of the room.


The type of the furniture that is going to be placed in a Zen room has certain specific characteristics that should be followed in order to refurbish the place in a proper way. Firstly, the furniture should be based on natural materials and colors as well. It should be simple, high-quality, strong and without too many decoration pieces. There should be only essential parts of furnishing like a sofa, armchairs or better yet ottomans, a cabinet and a table. Nothing that will over-hoard the space.


Another very important thing when it comes to equipping a space properly is the choice of materials and fabrics that are going to be used in the room. This means carefully choosing what kind of materials are going to be used for the curtains, cushions but also the rugs. The conclusion is to always opt for natural and light fabrics which will contribute to feelings of peace and quietness. This means choosing wool, linen and even hemp and bamboo.

Decoration and Plant Life

The main characteristic of a Zen space is keeping it clean, neat and simple. A relaxed space that is designed to provide comfort and contentment should not be cluttered and should not contain too many ornaments or decoration. It should be quite a minimalistic design. Other than that, plant life is more than welcome into a space like this. The natural green color and the scent they provide will certainly contribute to the whole atmosphere of the room. Bonsai trees and green walls are always a great choice.

The Zen learning is based and focused on the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. These are the elements that should serve as a guiding tool when it comes to creating a room of harmony and peace. The main focus of the Zen experience is creating a space that will be suitable for mediation, relaxation and peace. By following these few tips, there is high chance of succeeding in creating a space suitable for anybody who wishes to get more in touch with his inner self.

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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