Tips for a Cosier Conservatory this Winter

Tips for a Cosier Conservatory this Winter post image

A conservatory is a wonderful room to have in your home, mainly because it can be very multi-functional. For instance, you may want to use it to entertain guests when they come to visit, have it as a play area for you children, or just have it as the designated room to sit and relax with a good book.

The problem is, these types of activities are usually best in the warmer months – and you don’t want to lose this room just because of the cold! These tips should help your conservatory maintain its cosiness.

Get Blinds Fitted

Not only do conservatory blinds add to the décor of the room, they can also serve the conventional purpose of blocking out incoming cold temperatures. To make sure the blinds make your conservatory feel cosier, it is all about the colour and material you choose. For instance, plain aluminum shutter blinds will not make the room feel very cosy, but if you go for beige coloured roman blinds in a cotton material instead, this will enhance the warmth in the conservatory when the blinds are down.

Portable Heaters

These are a very simple way to keep your conservatory feeling nice and toasty! The recommendation would be to use electric heaters as gas ones aren’t very easy on the eye and they also have a large number of health hazards. But if you have the blinds fitted to lock in the heat too, you can guarantee that an electric heater will make your conservatory feel much cosier.

Add Some Candles, Cushions and Covers

Not only do these types of additions make your conservatory cosier, they also add to the personality of the room. You can make your conservatory furniture seem like it belongs more indoors if it has a soft throw over the top of it and some cushions to add the required comfort you need to make the room feel cosier. Then by adding some scented candles in to your conservatory it will add a beautiful atmosphere that is just made for relaxation.


Having a lot of items in a room takes up a lot of space and this can make a room make much smaller than it is. This is an issue when it comes to cosiness because it effects your ability to relax in your conservatory as it can seem like there are a lot of things on top of you. Therefore, a good idea is to have a ‘clear-out’ and remove any excess items that are in the room. Another tip is to take any items on the floor and try put them on a shelf on the wall instead – as this frees up a lot of space.


Your flooring is probably the biggest difference maker in terms of cosiness for your conservatory. Most conservatories are fitted with tiled flooring, and in the summer this is definitely the preferred option. So heading in to winter why not choose to place down a nice luxurious rug for a bit more warmth? This will certainly affect the overall feel of the room and make it feel cosier for the colder winter months.

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