Taking The Organised Approach To That Fixer-Upper Of A Home

Taking The Organised Approach To That Fixer-Upper Of A Home post image

It can be easy to feel like you’re facing something of an insurmountable task when it comes to a house that’s a fixer-upper.

All that motivation can disappear if you’re not handling it right.

If you don’t know how to best use your time, your resources and your money. Efficiency is the name of the game in making any task easier.

So here’s how we suggest you take on your fixer-upper a lot more efficiently.

Create a to-do list

It might sound like a trivial point, but creating a real to-do list of tasks around the home has a lot of different benefits. For one, it’s a lot better for your motivation to see your workload dwindle as time goes on. It also lets you organize your time a lot better. You can prioritize tasks based on urgency, importance and the time it takes to do them. It also helps you lay out a real plan of what resources you’re going to need for other tasks down the line.

Get some friends to help you tackle it

Don’t feel like it’s important that you get it all done yourself. Your pride isn’t as important as getting your home finished quicker. Offer your friends a few beers or some other reward to come help you do a bit around the home. Otherwise, there are other ways to look into finding the labor injection you might need right at that moment. You can look at sites like Taskrabbit that helps you find safe, able hands. That to-do list will be dwindling a lot quicker if you have people taking on smaller tasks while you’re doing the more urgent stuff.

Keep your tools organized

There’s nothing that’s going to slow down your workload like being unable to find that one drill when you need it most. A disorganized array of tools is going to interrupt your workload time and time again. It can also much easier result in things getting damaged or pieces getting lost. So build a real place where you can organize your tools. Consider cordless equipment from places like Drills and Drivers so they’re even easier to keep track of. Care for your equipment and it will take care of you.

Know your sources

Besides your equipment, it’s also likely you’ll need some real physical resources. Materials like wood and hardware bits that are going to help you complete your project. Don’t be afraid to recycle old materials and even do a bit of garbage surfing to find bits and bobs. If there’s a construction company nearby, ask if they’re willing to donate the stuff they’re more likely to find out. Otherwise, get in touch with a good supplier. Take a look at their reputation and past customer reviews to get a better idea that they’re a trustworthy source, too.

Separate and prioritize tasks. Outsource help if possible. Stay organized and get the best tools and materials to do the job. With these plans in mind, that big project is going to shrink in no time.

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If you want something done, do it yourself; other wise it’ll never get done. Learn to do it if you don’t know and never despair until you finish what has to be done.

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