Live A Stress-Free Life With These Emergency Numbers In Your Contact List

Live A Stress-Free Life With These Emergency Numbers In Your Contact List post image

As much as we would like to, it’s pretty impossible to predict and plan for any accidents.

After all, that’s why they’re accidents!

Even though you can’t plan for them, you can still prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario.

And one way to do that is by putting some important phone numbers in your cell phone’s contact list.

Want to know which ones to include? Then read on.

The Family Doctor

This is especially important if you have small children in your family who are prone to accidents! It’s a good idea to have your doctor’s number on you at all times. Then if your family is struck by a sudden illness or a child has a fall, you don’t waste time searching for their contact details. Of course, you can always simply call the emergency number. But your family doctor will have your medical history at close hand. This means they will know your family better than anyone else and can swiftly give a correct treatment.


Most of us love pottering around the house doing some DIY. But if something goes wrong, or there is structural damage to your house that you don’t have the expertise to fix, call in the professionals. Don’t try to fix any electrical faults yourself either. There are plenty of 24 hr electrical services out there who can deal with your problem in no time at all.


When you’re juggling a busy household and looking after the kids, it might feel like you would forget your head if it weren’t screwed on! So it’s no wonder a lot of us lose our keys regularly. If you misplace them when you are out, you may find yourself locked out of your home. To help you out of this tricky situation, save a locksmith’s number to your contact list. Most will come out as soon as you call and can change your locks for you there and then.


It’s so easy to chip a tooth, especially if your kids are playing rough all the time. In the event of a dental emergency, keep your dentist’s number in your cell so you can quickly call them if anything should happen. Most dental surgeries offer emergency appointments. So you won’t have to wait for days in pain, and your teeth can be repaired as quickly as possible. You should also give them a call if your child suddenly suffers from a very painful toothache for no apparent reason.

Pest and Animal Control

An infestation is another thing we can’t plan for. Although there are things to decrease our chances of one, including cleaning the kitchen as often as possible. When you do find pests, you will need to call an exterminator or animal control company as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you might find you have new housemates who get too cozy and don’t want to leave!

Reach for your phone, enter in these numbers right away and hit save. You never know when you might need some of them!

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