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Standby generators help keep the process of development running. There are many areas in the country that are still developing. Electricity in these areas is expensive and in some not available at all. In developed areas, natural disasters pose a great threat to businesses and life in general.

At such times the importance of a reliable standby generator cannot be ignored. All families want to maintain a good lifestyle. They want to  remain safe and healthy. Security is of prime importance to homeowners and all want to live their life in the most convenient manner.

Standby generators allow us to run our business as usual. Shoppers are able to see your exterior signage from afar when the rest of the neighborhood remains in the dark. Blackouts are universal and the most unpredictable. People that live in an area where a storm is about to make landfall like to keep well prepared with a generator. They wire it to the electric panel and use a transfer switch. The automatic transfer switch is more convenient as compared to the manual one. If the storm disrupts the power lines your appliances will not be left without power. Within a matter of seconds, the generator with the help of the transfer switch starts supplying electricity to the home air-conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, and other essentials.

Most businesses that have an industrial or commercial nature keep themselves prepared for power outages. They invest in the larger unit, so their operations do not get affected by hurricanes and storms. Standby generators serve as a dependable solution to short- and long-term power outages. The natural gas and diesel models are the most popular.  After the storm when the grid power returns the transfer switch commands the generator to shut down and allows the grid power to flow through the panel.  All machines in a factory are run by electricity and the use of a backup source of power saves a factory a lot of money in terms of labor dollars. When all the orders are prepared on time, there is also no risk of losing buyers.

Some power generators can be noisy, and it may not be an acceptable thing for a business. To keep the unit quiet there are various styles of mufflers available on the market for users to choose from. The better-quality systems make much less noise. Kohler makes very quiet units and the Generac gas models also run quietly. These days the inverters are making big waves in the market as they help users save on fuel. They run very quietly and also have a very clean sine wave. This makes them ideal for use with all sorts of electronics even the ones have the delicate microcircuits. Electrical surges are known to damage electric appliances and therefore when you get a generator make sure it is meant for use with all your devices. All electrical equipment is designed for specific voltages. When there is an increase in the voltage the electrical equipment may get damaged.

The modern generators can power 240v, 120v, 12v and 5v devices. So choose the one that best suits your needs. The house will remain safe when the security alarm is armed all the time during the storm. During storms, there have been many incidences of burglaries and break-ins. Homeowners who do not want to ride out the storm leave their homes with the alarms armed so all their assets remain safe while they are away. Some also like to install surveillance cameras and watch the house from a remote location for their peace of mind.

The outdoorsy types prefer to get a portable unit that they can also use at home. There are many models on the market that are both affordable and reliable.  The same generator can be used for camping trips and for backyard parties. If you own an RV and like to go for RV trips often, it is good to get a generator that is specially built for use with an RV. Generac and Kohler make very reliable RV generators and some of these can also be used on a boat.  

Champion 100174 Home Standby 8.5KW comes with a 10 Circuit LC Nema 1 automatic transfer switch. This model is backed by a 10-year warranty. It generates 8.5kW of electrical power using its 439cc Champion OHV engine. This electric start model features a low oil shut down and is housed in an all-weather steel enclosure. This generator has a powerful start of 24 volts and is an ideal choice for those living in cold climates. It starts up easily at temperatures as low as -22 degrees. This very reliable model runs on natural gas or propane.  The best thing about this Champion model is that it offers very good value for your money.

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