Small Details – Big Difference: Awesome Shelf Ideas for the Kids’ Room

Small Details – Big Difference: Awesome Shelf Ideas for the Kids’ Room post image

The kids’ room is usually the room that gets cluttered the fastest as the amount of books and toys constantly increases. It is important to come up with some good storage options in order to avoid piling everything up without any order.

If we teach the kids to keep their stuff organized from early on, we are doing everybody a favour.

The best and the most practical way to keep things neat is to designate different areas or storage options for different kinds of toys. So, for example, you would keep games like puzzles and Monopoly in drawers since they contain small pieces that kids can easily lose.

Other small toys can be kept in storage boxes and bigger ones out in the open. Books and figures can be kept on shelves, and this is where you can get creative with your design skills. Here are some great shelf ideas to inspire you.

Zig zag and alphabet bookshelves

The kids’ room definitely needs a bookshelf, and one way to avoid the ordinary plain horizontal bookshelf is to get the zig zag bookshelf. It is in the form of the letter W and it performs the same job as your usually shelf, only it looks much better on the wall. If you feel inspired by it, you might want to make more alphabet letters for bookshelves and arrange them so they spell the name of your kid on the wall. It is both very decorative and practical.

Branch swing shelves

A good way to store soft toys like teddy bears and other stuffed animals is to make branch swing shelves. All you need is a stack of normal size branches and some rope. You can create toy swings by attaching two strands of rope to the wall or to the ceiling, and putting a branch piece in between them. You can then keep stuffed animals on these swings, it will look as if they are playing and watching over kids. It is a play friendly storage option.

Wall mural shelves

It is safe to say that all boys love superheroes and all girls love princesses and Barbie dolls. A fun way to store these toys is to have a wall mural painted over one entire wall in the kids’ room and add small, plain and open shelves to it but in a discrete way so that they blend in with the scene. For example, you can have a simple mural of a city with tall buildings and bridges, and then make a small 10” shelf where you can place Spiderman on top of the bridge or a building. This is especially good for bobbleheads or superhero action figures that are meant to be out in the open anyways.

Doll house shelves

If you have girls, you can go for a doll house shelf. These can be basic shelves outlining the shape of a house or they can be real doll houses attached to the wall, where the girls can keep their dolls and everything that goes along with that. You can even add some curtains for the doll house.

Geometric shelves

A cute way to make the kids room interesting and remind them of maths is getting shelves in geometric forms like triangles and hexagons. With hexagons, you can keep the things on the lower shelf as well as on top. When you get several of these together, they resemble a bee hive. Another idea is a speech bubble shaped shelf.

Remember that colours play a big part. You can make the shelves stand out by painting them to be in contrast with the walls, or make them blend in nicely with the same colour. Consults with your kids and get creative together!

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