Small Bathroom Decoration Tips That Will Change Your Life

Small Bathroom Decoration Tips That Will Change Your Life post image

If you have a small bathroom, you might be getting a little frustrated. I understand the struggle myself. You’re trying to get ready for the day ahead, and somebody else wants to join in but room is scarce.

There’s a lot of elbow knocking and frustrations run high. These tips should help you to decorate your small bathroom in a pretty but practical way.

Use Soothing, Calming Colours

It’s important to use soothing, calming colours in a small bathroom. Not only will this make it appear larger than if you were to use dark colours, it’ll help to chill you out while you’re getting ready during that morning rush. Different tones of white are perfect, and you can incorporate bits of black/colour too to give the place an edge. Green and blue are calming colours too, but you need to keep them light and airy for them to work.

Free Up Space With a Floating Sink

You need as much space as you can get in a small bathroom, so free up some of your space with a floating sink. This will make the place look much cooler, and you’ll have more floor space. It’ll also help the eye to believe that the room is bigger. You can also buy floating sinks with storage attached, if you need more space to store your things in there.

Use 3D Tiles to Make a Statement

3D tiles can help you to make a statement in a small bathroom, so consider installing them behind the vanity unit. They add texture and interest, perfect for a small bathroom when you want a designer look!

Don’t Be Scared of Pattern and Texture

Some people think you can’t have pattern and texture in a small bathroom, but this isn’t true. You can incorporate it in many ways, you just need to be smart about it. For example, keep the main parts of your bathroom light, and then add in an interesting pattern via the shower curtain. Set the shower curtain off with a textured bath mat in similar tones, and perhaps add a metallic accent or two. You could even use towels from to make an interesting display!

Tile a Focal Wall Behind the Vanity Area

Focal walls can allow you to show off your personality in a small bathroom. Consider using tiles to create an effect like this right behind the vanity area. It’ll add colour, movement, and an element of fun to your small bathroom.

Use a Bigger Vanity Mirror

If there’s two if you always fighting for mirror space in the bathroom, don’t be afraid to get a bigger vanity mirror that stretched beyond the sink for you both to share. This is practical, and it actually looks quite good!

With these tips, you can achieve a practical, good looking small bathroom that you feel calm in at all times. What more could you want from your bathroom? Leave a comment to let me know how this has helped you. See you next time!

Image Credit: Bentley Smith

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