Simplify the Security Doors Installation Task with an Ultimate DIY Guide

Simplify the Security Doors Installation Task with an Ultimate DIY Guide post image

On a general note, homeowners often worry about the security of their home, so in order to introduce an extra layer of protection to their home, they prefer installing security doors.

These doors typically feature reinforced steel to ensure that they can’t be easily damaged or destroyed by any unwanted activity. Thus, they are considered as an essential part of a home. They not only add extra security to home, but also enhance its interiors.

These doors are built with steel bars which worked into ornate patterns that boost the door strength and even add curb appeal.

Well, adding a heavy duty security door at a home or office has a number of benefits over a traditional PVC or wooden door.

If you want to increase the security level of your home, then you can install these high-quality doors. They are great for deterring attempted break-ins, especially vital for protecting your loved ones, precious assets, etc. These doors are designed and constructed to incorporate security and ventilation to a house. Unlike, the traditional doors they come in distinct styles, colors, sizes, and types. Moreover, they also come with optional features that offer an added security level. There are a plenty of benefits that can be ripped by installing a security door. Here are some advantages that can make your decision to incorporate a security door stronger.


Most of these security windows and doors last for longer time duration which makes them a popular choice among homeowners. These doors and windows can’t be opened, broken or unlocked by an unauthorized person. Because they are made for special security reasons and it would not be easy for anyone to damage or open them by force. Therefore, they are a must if you are seeking to add more security to your home.

Advanced Locking System

These doors have an automatic and a high–tech locking system. As soon as the door is closed, it automatically locks itself, which eliminates the hectic task of keeping a check on the doors all the time. Moreover, if you forgot to lock the door at the time of leaving your place, then you need not worry about the security of your home, as the door gets locked automatically.

Requires An Original key

As all these doors are designed to avoid theft, they can’t be opened without the help of an original key. In case anyone makes an attempt to open the door with a duplicate key, then he/she wouldn’t be able to do so. In simple words, it is impossible for him or her to access the door without the original key.

Camera Facility

With the advancement of technologies, the features of security doors have taken safety aspects to a new level.  The cameras are located at the front of the entrance door, so that you can track the activities taking place around your home. Even, if you are not at your home, still you will be able to monitor things by connecting the camera to your mobile through the internet. So, this facility helps you to secure your home in a better way.

The pros of installing a security door and window are endless. Indeed, they are considered as an imperial part of home security system. Now, the question arises how to install these doors. Whether you should install a door with the help of a professional or do-it–yourself, it is necessary to know the installation process. This piece of knowledge adds to the overall security of your home. Let’s have a look at the fundamental guide regarding installing a security door without the help of an expert. Well, the first task that you required to do is to prepare a list of tools and material required.

Tools Required

  • Electric drill and bits
  • Hacksaw
  • Wood chisel
  • Tape measure
  • Pliers

Material Required

  • Masking tape
  • Security storm door with installation hardware
  • Pencil

In order to reduce the chances of home burglary, you can install a security door by your own with simple steps:

Before You Start

While shopping for a security door, you must take along the measurements of a door jamb. It will be of no use if you just blindly pick a door without having any clue about the jamb measurement.

1st Step: Be Clear With The Door Swing

Before you install a door, decide the way you want it to open, as the hinges on your new door should be on the similar side of your existing door. To make your task a bit simple you can place a piece of masking tape on the inside top corner of the door. The next step is to align the hinge frame with the predrilled holes in the door and fix them with the provided screws. Remember, for some doors, you require drilling pilot holes for the hinge screws. After doing this, next is to cut the hinge frame to fit the top-to-bottom door opening. But, note that this measurement will probably be longer than the door. Mark the height and width of the door frame on the hinge frame, and then cut to length.

2nd Step: Assemble The Hinge Frame and Door

You need to put the door and hinge frame in position and hold the right position there while you mark the targeted place of the top predrilled hole on the jamb with the help of a pencil. The next step is to drill a pilot hole of a 1/8-inch. through the marks and after that install a screw, but don’t tighten a lot. But, don’t forget to close the door and alignment, before you install other screws on doors. When your door opens and closes without binding, fix another screw at the bottom of the hinge frame. Recheck the alignment of the door and install rest of the screws. When you are done with the fitting of screws then install the head frame. Ensure that there is a 1/8 gap between the top of the door to install the mounting screws. The other few steps are to seize the strike-side lock frame, cut the mortises and mount the lock. The ones you are done with these steps, you just need to make the final adjustment, and install the security door and safety chain.

For further assistance, you can go through a plethora of websites that provide a complete guide on DIY installing security windows and doors at home.

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