Simple Ideas for Affordable Kids’ Room Décor

Simple Ideas for Affordable Kids’ Room Décor post image

It is important for every child to have their own space where they will feel comfortable and be able express themselves through play. That’s why we should consider our child’s taste when we are decorating their room.

Ask them what they would like, make it a family project and come up with something that will be functional, fun and look good.

Here are some tips that will help you design a room your child will love.

Make it colorful

Studies have shown that colors impact our mood much more that we are aware. Some parents tend to stick with the standard pink for girls and blue for boys color scheme, but it is important to break out of this pattern and give yourself more options. You can easily paint each wall a different color or at least use two colors for one room. Don’t match the furniture with the walls, especially not the carpet. Make it as colorful as you can, or at least use very different shades. Bright colors and a lot of natural light are the best choices for the kids’ room as they will create a happy, joyful atmosphere.

Make it play friendly

There are so many kinds of toys available nowadays that it is very easy to get your kids’ room cluttered with too many toys quickly. Plan your toy selection carefully. It is important that you give your child a variety of toys to choose from, so that they can practice their motor skills, their cognitive abilities, their creativity and explore different life roles. Keeping it simple is always good, so wooden blocks, dolls and vehicles are good choices. Bobbleheads are popular nowadays and will allow you to start your kid on a toy collection early on. Get them some arts and crafts supplies and blank paper.

Make it learning friendly

If you have a toddler, there are appropriate toys for them to learn about colors, shapes, materials and the like. If you have older kids, you have many more options and it is important that the room is learning friendly. You can set up a special corner for that, with a desk and chair. A small chalkboard would be helpful too. There should be a bookshelf where they can keep their books and comics, it will develop their love for reading and create a habit of it. You can also put a computer in their room, they will probably need one for school, but it is best that you don’t let them have the internet in their room.

Make it child proof and safe

Safety is crucial when you are designing your child’s room, especially if you have a toddler. You should avoid anything that can be easily broken, materials like glass, ceramics, thin plastic and so on. All the furniture should be child proofed and comfortable for kids’ to use. Instead of shelves, you could use storage boxes that are easy to reach or keep them on the ground. Use cushions instead of chairs, provide kids rugs and carpets they can play on, like Zado rugs with world map for example. Let them have a kids’ size table and chairs and adjust everything to their size and height. Leave a lot of room for moving about.

Personalize it

Ask your child about their favorite cartoon characters, superheroes and animals, and then get wall posters, curtains, bed sheets and carpets with these themes. You can even paint a wall mural of a superhero in life size, or use wall stickers. Personalized banners, photos, calendars, mirrors and other decorations are also great. You can even make your own decorations together with your child. It is important that your child decides what they would like the most, and that you respect their wishes so that they can feel it’s their own space.

Get creative together with your kid and let your imagination create something unique and special. Your kid is a kid only for a short time and letting them have their dream room will help them feel safe and comfortable in life.

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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