Sealing Your Counter Tops Like a Professional

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Sealing your counters like a professional hinges on a few key concepts.

These concepts are not difficult, but they need to be considered when choosing this DIY project.

Whether you are moving into a home that is already spectacular or you need to transform your kitchen, you may be wondering if your stone surfaces need to be sealed.

That is a fair question and one that we will consider now.

Do Counters Need to Be Professionally Sealed

Whether you just bought a new home, or you recently remodeled your existing home you may be asking, “do granite counters need sealed?” There is no hard and fast rule that answers that question. Why not?

First, there a number of stone materials that are used in homes and each will required specialized care. Second, your counter tops may have been sealed when they were installed. Third, even if they were sealed, they may (depending on what kind of stone) need regular maintenance. These are just three factors that affect the answer.

To make the best decision, it is often a good idea to learn as much about care and maintenance from the supplier or the company that installed the stone. Having this information will equip you with the information you need in order to decide.

Is Professional Sealing Required?

You may have researched the details regarding your particular stone and decided that it needs to be “professionally” sealed. If so, it is important to understand differences between sealers.

There are many sealers available. Some of these are impregnating sealers or impregnators. Often times professionals will use these kinds of sealers because impregnators protect against staining. However, even among impregnating sealers there is a variety of quality. So it is a good idea to do your research.

So, what does it take to professionally seal your counter yourself? The short answer is, to find a good impregnating sealer and apply it according to the directions supplied by the maker of the sealer. Really! It is as simple as that. You will find that there are many impregnating sealers available. It is always a good idea to look into the products reviews for any sealer you are considering for your stone. Getting a good quality sealer is key.

Benefits of Kitchen Counter Maintenance

Even though some stone counters may not require professional sealing, there are advantages to the process nonetheless. One big advantage, as mentioned previously, is that impregnators protect the stone from staining. Since stains come in a variety of forms and affect materials in different ways, sealing your stone can be wise even if it is not required. Depending on the kind of stain, and how deep it is, stone polishing pads and other methods may be required to correct some stains that can occur. These methods would require a professional with the right knowledge and equipment to actually repair the stone. This would be a costly process.

So in summary, let’s look at the basics regarding how to seal your counters like a professional:

  1. If you use the proper sealer, you can get professional results by doing it yourself.
  2. Not all stones require sealing, but there are benefits to doing so.
  3. Sealing a stone does not make it stain “proof”, but it will allow you more time to clean up harmful substances.
  4. Knowing what kind of sealer to use and following the directions is key.

If you have been thinking about having your stone counter tops porfessionally sealed (or you have been getting them sealed professionally), you may want to consider making this a DIY project.

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Lustro Italiano is a brand of stone care products from Tenax USA designed to assist homeowners in caring for their natural and engineered stone materials.

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