Refurbish Your Home with Limestone & Travertine Worktops

Refurbish Your Home with Limestone & Travertine Worktops post image

Several historical monuments and architectural marvels all across the globe have been built using limestone. Being a soft stone, it can be easily cut into different shapes to meet the design specifications of architects, interior designers and home owners.

Travertine, which is a type of limestone, is equally popular for its fibrous texture and unique colour shades.

If you are looking forward to refurbish your home, limestone and travertine worktops could be an ideal choice.

Home owners looking to add class and elegance to their interiors prefer the softer hues offered by the travertine and limestone worktops available in the UK marketplace. The colour shades, appearance and texture of limestone worktops can add a relaxed tone of subtle elegance to your home.  Let us see some of the very popular and widely sought after options available in these worktops:

  • Ivory Varieties – If you want the purity, pleasantness and softness of the colour white but with a bit of a warmer tone, ivory varieties such as Ivory Limestone (Vein cut), Ivory Travertine and Ivory Travertine (honed and filled) may be considered. Each of these worktops has a neutral and relaxing colour that can perfectly complement your classy, elegant and calm interiors theme.
  • Colorful Options – If you want to try some colourful options and do not want to go overboard at the same time, worktops in off-whites, yellow, brown, cream, and gold may prove to be ideal for your home. The list includes options such as off-white Applestone Limestone, Classic Travertine Eco (honed and filled), Moka Cream Limestone, Moleanos Cream Limestone, brownish and gold Persian Limestone (vein cut), Salem Gold Limestone, Med Sand Limestone, and brownish and gold Classic Travertine and Medium Travertine.
  • Interesting PatternsLimestone and travertine worktops featuring interesting designs or patterns are also available in the marketplace. Popular examples include Rustic Travertine (honed and filled), Sea Grass Limestone, bright brownish Noce Travertine (vein cut), and White Travertine (brushed). These varieties are ideal if your home décor theme is to create a visually appealing and attractive space.
  • Greys & Blacks – These colour shades are chosen for their cool, neutral and balanced impact on the interiors. Ideal for a more formal, conservative as well as contemporary décor themes, worktops in these shades are preferred for their sophisticated look. Some of the varieties that you may want to consider for your home include Belgium Fossil, Jura Grey-Blue Limestone, Minster Grey Limestone, Sahara Limestone, and Med Galala Limestone.

With so many options available, you may choose to go for limestone and travertine wall panels, floorings, wall claddings, backsplashes, and staircases that perfectly complement your worktops and vanity tops.

Make sure that you hire the services of a leading limestone worktops supplier in the UK while refurbishing your home. It is important that your supplier understands your requirements and customizes the products to meet your aesthetic and functional taste. Only reputed stone surface suppliers can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction through their comprehensive service package that includes professional consultation, installation, use and maintenance training, and after service and support.

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