Refurbing Or Renovating? Best Lighting Ideas For Your New Room

Refurbing Or Renovating? Best Lighting Ideas For Your New Room post image

When you have been saving for months for some refurb or renovation work at your home, you probably have your budget all planned out. Perhaps you are creating a new room either by extending, dividing or opening up another room in your home.

All of these projects take a lot of time and planning and can be quite costly. Most of us raise just enough cash to cover the main building works, but sometimes there isn’t a lot of thought going into the final fix and finish.

Simple things like lighting and paint can often get forgotten, or put aside because of getting the builders and materials paid for. Sometimes you can pay a little more for a fixed price job to include a full finish, but you may be restricting yourself with the quality of those fixtures and fittings. Instead, try to put a little aside to buy quality paint and lighting, and treat yourself to a good quality carpet or hardwood floor fit. If you’re going to enough trouble to get the builders in, then you should see the job through to a quality finish.

Many people are making smaller rooms appear much larger by doing away with formal light fittings. Instead, ceiling spots are now very popular. They can light more of the room and cost far less money to run, especially if you buy the LED GU10 bulbs. The finish is clean, fresh and minimalist, fitting in with any decor you may choose. The light quality can be bright white or warm, and you can choose spots for directional light or a wider beam. They look great in any room and look particularly tasteful in rooms with tiled floor as they bring out the shine of the tile. You can find them from retailers like LED Planet.

Bathrooms, kitchens and living areas look especially good using small LED spots in the ceiling. You can create a subtle, modern look, or something cosier. It depends on how many you choose to use and the warmth of the colour in the bulb. Some LED lights can be remote controlled. You can dim them, change their colour and turn them on and off at the push of a button. They are great for setting a mood, and can usually be used internally anywhere. They can certainly go a long way to adding that wow factor to your home.

Whenever you need to change a light bulb, think about changing it for a LED light bulb. They are very cheap to run, and will reach maximum illumination immediately. GU10 bulbs can be expensive to run if you pick the halogen versions. But LEDs often offer a greater variety in the quality of light you can achieve and can cost substantially less to run. Some retailers can sell you LEDs cheaper than the other types of light bulb anyway, so it is worth considering. Most importantly, they will achieve everything you are looking for aesthetically, and could be a very worthwhile investment.

Whatever part of the house you are looking to update this year, consider LED lighting to save you money on your energy bill.

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