Preparing Your House For Sale: A Complete Checklist

Preparing Your House For Sale: A Complete Checklist post image

There’s a fine art to selling a house. The goal here is securing a quick exchange at your asking price. It’s a tall order, as most potential buyers will low-ball the offer, and you’ll end up going back and forth.

The only way to make sure you get a good deal is by securing a lot of interest in the property. Turn it into a dream home, and you’ll have people lining up to buy.

That’s how you get your asking price and a quick sale! Without further ado, here’s a complete checklist to prepare your home.

Purge and clean

A quick sale is all about giving the best possible impression. That means clearing out and doing a thorough, deep clean. Our advice? Get a skip bin hire, and be ruthless about throwing things away! Throw away old furniture and bikes. Get rid of that treadmill you never use. Remember, it’s your job to present potential buyers with a house they can see themselves living in. If they can’t see past your clutter and mess, they’ll never buy! Get deep into the corners and under the cupboards.

Upgrade the curb appeal

Did you know that potential buyers make a decision about your house within eight seconds? Buyers get a gut feeling about a property as soon as they see it. Luckily, you can help cultivate a positive first impression. When it comes to adding value quickly, the best thing you can do is upgrade the ‘curb appeal’. This means repainting the front of the house. It means replacing the front door (or at least the fixtures). It means mowing the lawn, and making the garden look presentable. These tricks are the best way to make sure buyers fall in love instantly!


When people look around your property, they’re trying to imagine themselves living there. They walk around and picture their furniture in the house. They plan which room they’ll use as the master bedroom, and discuss where they’d put the sofa. You need to help them in this process by depersonalising the house. Give them a clean slate to make their own. Repaint the walls a simple neutral colour, and leave only the essential furniture.

Take care of repairs

Before completing a deal, every buyer will issue a survey of the property. This survey will highlight any structural problems or issues with the house. It will show buyers what repairs need doing in the near future. This survey is often the biggest reason for failed deals. Buyers get scared off by the results, and pull out of the sale. It’s your job to pre-empt this process. Fix the problems before they show up on the survey. Take care of simple repairs and maintenance, and make sure that survey comes back clean. Trust us, you don’t want any roadblocks before that final contract is signed.

Follow this advice and you’re bound to make a quick sale. Best of all, you should get the asking price you’re looking for. Good luck, and we hope it all runs smoothly.

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