Maintenance of the Exterior of your Home: 6 Tips to Follow

Maintenance of the Exterior of your Home: 6 Tips to Follow post image

Neighbors usually tend to compete with the looks of their houses. However, it is not only about who has bigger gates, higher houses and flashiest colors, it is also about the healthy and well-maintained aspects of your exterior. To defeat your neighbors and preserve the best looks and quality of your home, you should consider checking up the following elements.

Clean Fixed Deck

Sometimes hosing down the deck with some water and soap should do the trick for its appearance. However, through time some major or minor dents and loose screws can occur.

Those loose screws and boards are easily tightened back and recoating the deck with a batch of fresh paint is always good for durability of wood. Also, you should check for the signs of decay. If you can poke a screwdriver through the board or the wood is soft and spongy, your deck is not safe anymore and you will need to replace the boards and waterproof them.

Repair the Driveway

No one loves bumpy rides, especially right in front of their houses. As soon as you notice any holes or cracks in your driveway, you should react in order to avoid any potential major problems. If you driveway is made out of concrete, you can simply patch it up with cement-repair products and fill those cracks or chips. However, if the cracks are quite deep, it is the best to leave that to the professionals, as well as the cracked asphalt, since it is harder to work with.

Inviting Façade

Not only should your façade be easy on the eye with its colors and textures, but it should also provide safety for your home. The insulation should be of top notch quality so you all would be safe from scorching hot summers and freezing winters. Also, additional protection from moist and weather conditions is always welcome, so you should consider installing cladding systems into your walls. This way, you are ensuring protection and durability of your home and it will look good and elegant.

Proper Paint

Believe it or not, paint on your exteriors is not just there to make your house look good. Quality paint will protect your home from weather conditions and deterioration over time. You should repaint your home once in three or five years, but if your house has wood siding and trim, you will need to paint it more often. When choosing paint, do not think about colors only; if you want the paint to last up to 10 years you should go with vinyl paint or the one on stucco.

Inspect the Roof

The roof over your head is one of the most important things in your life. And you should make sure it is stable and secure. Inspect the roof from time to time, either by hiring some professionals or simply by checking it out with binoculars. Any loose shingles and minor holes should be immediately fixed, and they should not cost a fortune. Make sure to act on time, in order to avoid disasters and costly repairs.

Clean Gutters

Just like the interior, the exterior too should be squeaky clean. But most importantly, the gutters should be free of trash and leaves, since they well protect your home. Proper gutters that are at their top conditions protect the basement from any leaks, since they are preventing damping of the foundation of your home. Also, cleaning any blockages, leaves and tree branches is useful if you want to prevent the growth of black mold and mildew on the walls and in the foundation. Also, neglected gutters could lead to rotting of your walls and roof which can lead to much bigger problems with safety and expenses.

Finally, clogged gutters are a perfect place for breeding of thousands of insects such as mosquitoes. So, be wise and clean the gutters at least once a month and you should be free of any pests and potential disasters.

Your home should be your biggest achievement and investment in life. Make sure it is well preserved both inside and out. Maintain healthy exterior, and even the smallest house will win the competition in the neighborhood.

A student of architecture from Sydney. She writes regularly about home improvement and likes to read about sustainable architecture and design. In her free time, Lana loves cycling and spending time outdoors.

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