Improving Drainage in Your Garden

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If your garden does not have strong drainage arrangements, all kinds of problems can be caused. It becomes more likely that the garden will get flooded, and you will find it hard to grow plants, flowers and trees. That’s why you should think about installing something to make things better. Here’s how to add a drainage mechanism to your garden.

Dig a Trench

If there is a part of your garden that is always wet, you should dig a trench leading away from this area. This will allow that excess water to drain away and be taken somewhere better.

Start by picking the right spot and then digging up the earth. The bigger the problem, the bigger the trench will need to be. Decide where you want the drain to lead to as well. You can use electrical trench digging equipment to make this part of the process easier for you if you like.

Place Gravel

Once the trench is deep enough for a pipe to comfortably placed in it, you need to lay someone on the bottom of the trench. You want it to lie beneath the front line, so make sure you think about this. You don’t want to deal with problems to do with freezing of the pipes. This cause all kinds of problems. If you are sure that you have prepared for all these problems, you need to place the gravel on the bottom of the trench. This will help to keep the pipe secure and in the right position.

Place a Pipe

Then you need to rake smooth the gravel in the trench to make sure that it is all level. Remember, you don’t want to make it difficult for the water to flow through the pipe. Otherwise, the whole effort will be rendered pretty pointless. Then you can think about buying the pipe and putting it in place. This means buying a PVC pipe. They are not particularly expensive to buy, so just make sure you get one that is new and of good quality.

Seal it Up and Cover It

Next, you need to cover up the pipe with gravel and earth. But before you do that part of the job, you will need to cover the entire length of the pipe with roofing paper to make the whole thing secure. This will stop damage occurring to the joints. That’s what can happen if you are not very careful.

Make Sure the Outlet is in the Right Place

The water that you are trying to remove from one patch your garden has to be taken somewhere new. This is a simple fact. But the question is where do you want to take it. Make sure that the water is being transported to somewhere safer. If you have a small garden, you could simply spread it to another part of the garden. This will help to spread out the water that is settling on the lawn. What you should not do is allow the drain to lead to someone else’s property, as this can cause problems for them.

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