How to Make Your Driveway Look Better

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Even though driveways tend to be a forgotten area of exterior design, their time has now finally come. Even though they are less glamorous than the back garden or patio, they are one of the most functional parts of your property to which attention should also be dedicated.

Even though you may not be planning to sell right now, but some day, when (or if) that day comes, a well-designed driveway can only help you in setting a higher price. Especially if it fits the exterior of your house, it will only add up to its value.

Gravel all the way

Gravel is one of the greatest ways of updating your driveway. The crunching sound the tires make while passing over it is simply irreplaceable. Not only does it look good, but it will also be gentle to your home budget, and the best thing about it is that you can make it by yourself.

However, gravel (especially pea shingle) needs to be maintained quite often (especially if you are living in a windy or rainy climate) by raking, so take this into consideration as well if you are planning to make a decision in its favour.

Mosaic pavers

Most driveways are concrete, but if you want a really great one, you can improve its look by simply paving it with mosaic-like blocks. Use your imagination and pave different geometric shapes, zig zag lines, circles or stripes, whatever your imagination creates.

One of the greatest features of paved driveways is that they can easily be refreshed if you happen to stain it with oil or some other liquid. Even though they are a bit costly option, pavers are much durable and can be used immediately after installation.

Install lights along the driveway

If you are already satisfied with the look of your driveway, you can update its look by simply installing lights along the way and help your guests (or yourself) drive safely to the garage. Soft lights will not dazzle the driver’s eyes and will look more inviting.

The plus side is also that you will improve safety of your home because you will be able to see anyone approaching your house, even from afar.

Edge it with flowers                                                           

Flowers are one of the best ways you can decorate any exterior (and interior), so edging your driveway would also be a great idea. If you already have flowers around and in front of your house, use the same ones around the driveway.

In order to achieve a more romantic feel, you can also plant them on top of chandeliers that follow and illuminate the driveway. Besides being great-looking, it is one of the easiest ways of beautifying your driveway, and the overall look of your yard.

New garage doors

Upgrading your garage doors would add up to the overall look of your yard, not just the driveway. Due to the fact that they look monolithic, you can achieve a better effect by either replacing them with a more modern one, or by simply repainting them (this option would be cheaper). If you do not have time to go to a paint shop to check samples, you can simply find paint supplies online and do the job yourself.

There is a plethora of ways you can refresh your driveway, but one of the most important things is to maintain it regularly, no matter the material it is made from. Even though flower beds, different patterns, or a simple repaint job can do a lot to improve the look of your driveway, caring is the thing you should pay attention to. Maintain it regularly, just like you mow your grass.

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