How To Make Your Children To Feel Happy About Bedroom Sharing!

How To Make Your Children To Feel Happy About Bedroom Sharing! post image

Research has proven that it is good for children to share a bedroom.

Articles like Should Your Children Be Sharing a Room? explain why. However, convincing them that it is a good idea might not be so easy.

You might be lucky; your kids might be super excited about it. On the other hand, they might be very reluctant indeed.

Happily, there are a number of effective methods to make the process easier. Read on to find out what they are!

Set the ground rules

It could be worthwhile physically writing down the rules. You can hold a little meeting, and all discuss what you think the different rules should be. So that might be things like ‘the lights must be turned off by 8 pm’, or ‘only one set off fairy lights can be kept on overnight’. You can then write down all the rules and get them to sign it,  like a contract. Laminate it and keep it in a place where they can see it at all times. Be sure that you only set rules that will be attainable.

Get them involved

A great way to get both kids more excited about the new arrangements is to get them involved in the designing and decor. Take them with you to pick out the wallpaper or furniture. If there are squabbles, let them each pick one thing. So, one kid can pick the wallpaper; the other kid can pick the bed. That means that they both get something that they feel they have had control over. Or, instead of trekking out to the shops, find your new furniture online. Websites like are a good place to start.

Accommodate different ages

If twins or kids of a very similar age will be sharing the room, things may be a tad easier. This is because they will have similar lifestyles. They will be getting up for school at the same time, and doing the same things with their days. Things get trickier if the kids are different ages. Say, for example, they are three and eight years old. You need for them both to be able to live to their own schedule. Be understanding about what they both need, and help them achieve it.

One of everything

If your kids tend to be quite competitive, this tip is a must. Make sure there is one of everything, wherever possible. You can even label them underneath with their names if you preempt future arguments! So, this means two bedside lamps. Two placemats. Two wardrobes. Two desks. This might be too expensive. But if you can afford it, it may help them feel like they still have ‘their own stuff.’ It also means that there will be no need to fight over it. If you have girls, the article How To Turn Your Daughter’s Bedroom Into The Perfect Princess Paradise is a good guide to making a princess paradise!

Remind them of the benefits

Don’t call it a bribe- call it motivation! Is it possible to give them a reward for a successful first six months in their new room? It could be that you turn a room into the house into a playroom for them/ Or you build them a summerhouse. Just be sure you don’t promise anything for good behavior that you can’t later fulfill.

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