How To Fix Small Kitchen Appliances

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The best thing about kitchen appliances is a fact that they make your life significantly easier. The worst thing about them is a fact that they regularly break which can cause a whole world of troubles on their own. Some believe that the only two solutions here are to either buy a new one or hire a pricy repair person.

However, there is a third option as well. You can simply try to fix a kitchen appliance on your own, and in this way save yourself a substantial amount of money. This however, requires a bit of knowledge and the right tools. Here are some tips on how to fix small kitchen appliances.


The role that blender plays in your household is so great, yet it often goes by unnoticed. Still, after if breaks, you will learn that you simply cannot do without it and will look for a quick way to remedy this significant problem. The most common cause for blender malfunction is trouble with its multispeed switch. To fix it, first disassemble your blender, carefully with the use of screwdriver and pliers. After this, get your hands on a switch and use continuity tester to see if bad wire connection is the problem. Once you manage to locate the problem, simply replace wire (or even entire switch if need be). This should pretty much be it.

Food Mixer

Now, another invaluable kitchen appliance is a food mixer and there are many things to know about it when it comes to proper use. However, what no one tells you is that since it is the most commonly used item in your entire kitchen it will most certainly decay over time. The most common issues with food mixer are nothing that cannot be fixed with gear tuning and regular servicing, however sometimes, even a more serious issue may arise. For example, every now and then, your food mixer’s motor will have to be replaced and this is not a small feat to be done. If of quality design, motor will be the last thing to fail you, however if this happens it might be best to simply take it to a professional.

Coffee maker

Making coffee can be quite an annoying thing to do, unless you have a proper coffee maker. Still, coffee makers break and it is up to you to either adapt or do something about it. First of all, as you probably already guessed, things that are most at risk of breaking in a coffee maker are either thermostat or the heating element. Fixing it however, is not an easy task.

First, make sure that there is no moisture or any liquid left in the coffee maker. Next, try to determine whether the lack of electricity is an issue (due to disconnected or defective wire) or a broken heater. After this, you either replace/fix the wire, or do the same with the heater. Still, seeing as this can simply be too much of a bother, know when it is the time buy new kitchen appliances.Sometimes, all of these fixing efforts will just be in vain.

In the end, as you can see, your options are truly numerous and all you need to know is which one to choose. You can try to conduct these repairs on your own, but because of the lack of proper tools and experience in this area, this might not be the best way to go. Usually, it is the simplest solution to just call the handyman and worry no more. Unfortunately, sometimes the repair can cost almost as much as buying the new appliances and when this happens you will have to make a choice. The most important thing about successfully running a household lies in always looking for the most cost-effective option.

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