Here’s How You Can Make Your Home As Flood Resistant As Possible

Here’s How You Can Make Your Home As Flood Resistant As Possible post image

Whether your home is situated on a flood plain, or you just want to be as prepared as possible should a flood occur, you are in the right place. Sitting at home watching a flood on the news is one thing – that’s frightening enough, but it’s 100 times worse when it’s your own home.

Did you know that in the UK, around one in five homes is at risk of flooding? This means that a couple of days of heavy rain could lead to horrible consequences for your home, which is why it pays to be prepared.

Rather than allowing your home to be an easy victim of flooding, take the time to follow the tips in this guide and make your home flood-proof. It might seem like a lot of work, but when the water levels start to rise, you’ll be grateful for the effort that you put in.

Fit non-return valves

Did you know that not only can your home flood from the outside, but also from the inside? When a property floods, the water comes through the door, as well as out of the toilet, bath and sink.

To prevent your home from flooding from the inside, what you need to do is fit non-return valves to all of your water pipes. Non-return valves allow water to flow out of the pipes but block water from returning up them. This will prevent your home from flooding from the inside. These aren’t hard to fit, but they can be a little pricey to buy.

Rewire your home

One of the things that causes the most damage to flooded homes is electrical sockets. If the flood water enters your electrical sockets, not only can it cause a fire, but can also lead to your whole home having to be rewired.

To prevent this from happening, rewire your home and move all electrical sockets to at least two metres off of the floor. It might look a little strange having plug sockets and electrical outlets up so high, but it could save your home, so is worth it.

Build a wall around your garden

A great way that you can protect your property from flooding is by building a flood-proof wall around its perimeter. Obviously, you will need to include a gate – place this in the area of your garden that is the least likely to flood.

Building a flood-proof wall can be expensive, but if it keeps the water out, it’s worth the cost. You can build the wall as high as you like, but just remember that a high wall will affect the value of your property.

Invest in flood defences

As well as making all the changes mentioned above, it’s also a good idea to invest in flood defences for your home. Ideally, you want to opt for something that is quick and easy to build, and works well to keep the water out.

If you want a bit of added protection from floods, investing in flood defences for your home is ideal. Yes, you could use sandbags, but specially designed flood defences are a much better option.

By following the simple tips above, you can make your home as flood-resistant as possible. Flooding is scary, as it can destroy your entire home, which is why implementing these ideas is so important.

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