Home, Safe Home: 7 Smart and Effective DIY Tips

Home, Safe Home: 7 Smart and Effective DIY Tips post image

Despite prevailing notions that streets are the most dangerous place to be, more people get injured at home than anywhere else.

Home security systems have grown in popularity, and although there is no denying their effectiveness, there are many alternatives that are less expensive.

They are easy to initiate and are not labor-intensive. Indeed, simple security steps go a long way in preserving the safety of your home and all its inhabitants.

Enhancing weak links

Burglars usually enter homes through front doors or windows. Investing in double-glazed windows is highly recommended, albeit it can be expensive. Fortunately, you can put wooden dowels or metal bars on them to boost safety. Furthermore, reinforce weak door jambs and frames to lower the chances of forced entry. Bear in mind that knob locks are not particularly reliable, unlike top locks. Do not overlook garage doors as well and make sure they are always locked.

Fire safety

Fire is one of the most sinister dangers that lurk in a domestic environment. Therefore, be very careful with open flames like candles and keep them out of children’s reach. You should invest in smoke/carbon monoxide alarms and maintain them in a working order. Strive to deploy them near bathroom, kitchen, and utility areas. It is also advisable to have a working fire extinguisher and learn how to use it.

Fake cuts it

Alarm systems are some of the most effective security tools and a mere sight of them is enough to turn criminals away. Even fake alarm system decals are able to deter would-be burglars and they come for only a fraction of the cost of a real thing. In addition, you can employ the same strategy for video surveillance and install dummy cameras or turn webcams into security devices.

Illusionary presence

The key to dissuading burglars and other unwanted guests is creating an impression that the home is occupied at all times. Namely, they look for signs that the owners are away, such as a mailbox filled with uncollected mail or lights that are turned off. Thus, ask your neighbors to pick up your mail regularly and keep a watchful eye on your property. Another great trick is to install lighting timers and program them to turn the lights off and on periodically.

A slippery slope

Slips and falls account for a big portion of home injuries. Bathrooms are notorious in this regard and children and elderly are most prone to such risk. So, remove throw rugs and make slippery surfaces less dangerous with safety products like a non slip mat. Further, pay special attention to perilous areas such as stairways and childproof them if needed. Deal with clutter and enable the uninterrupted flow of traffic around the home. Also, keep emergency lights around and identify poorly-lit areas.

An animal companion

Police departments argue that dogs act as one of the best deterrents. It does not have to be a mean beast in order to thwart burglars. Barking does the trick just fine because criminals do not want to confront animals or risk getting caught. And if you cannot afford it, you can still put a visible “Beware of Dog” sign and deceive the thieves. Besides, there are some inexpensive alarm systems that simulate the barking quite realistically.


Trespassers are clandestine wrongdoers who tend to seek the cover of shadows or shrubbery around the house. Untrimmed bushes and trees near windows are an invitation for them to target your property. So, it is time to roll up your sleeves and do some landscaping. Keep your lawn mowed and deal with overgrown plants. At last, deploy outdoor lighting to deny thieves the benefits of the shadowy alliance.

On the safe side

Smart gadgets work just fine, but they can cost an arm and a leg, suggesting that the smart thinking should come first. You can try out some of these tips or use them all in synergy: When it comes to matters like these, there cannot be too much safety. So, modify your home today and acquire the much-needed peace of mind tomorrow. Show due diligence and ensure the safety of you and your family for years to come.

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