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So, you think it’s high time to make some changes around your home. But where to start? Depending on the renovation project, you may be able to complete it over just one weekend or deal with it for weeks.

Therefore, it’s more than recommended that you think through your ideas about home remodeling.

Essentially, you don’t have to do everything you imagined at once. If you want to see what you can do with your own effort, take a look at the following tips. They might inspire you enough to start your home jazz-up with projects that don’t require huge investments first.

The Power of Paint

Painting is not the easiest task, but it’s definitely the simplest one when it comes to home renovation. The best part is that you can do it all yourself. A new coat of paint can effectively transform both your interior and exterior. Also, there’s no limit to what you can create. You can mix and match different colors to create a pleasant color scheme for your personal environment. On the other hand, you can have fun by painting accent walls or specific room areas. One great tip that doesn’t require a lot of effort but can truly freshen up your space involves painting your doors and window frames. Try using a bold color that complements your overall color scheme for this. For example, lavender purple looks great as a pop of color when the dominant shade in your general color scheme is light blue or gray. The same goes for true red or bright green and peachy/beigey tones, as well as orange and pastel green/yellow tones.

Decorate with tiles

Do you have a fireplace in your home? Or do you want to create an effective statement piece for your rooms? Framing the fireplace, your favorite painting or wall décor with tiles is a great way to personalize and warm up your home. With plenty of tile styles, sizes and colors to choose from, you can easily match them to your preferred décor style. In general, using tiles for your renovation projects and even replacing just a couple of them with more detailed ones in your kitchen and bathroom can create a luxurious and elegant feel.

Light up your home accordingly

Lighting is definitely something that can influence your personal environment and the way you feel about your own home. Therefore, it’s necessary that you avoid light bulbs that emit overly strong fluorescent light. You don’t have to replace your entire lighting system. However, changing your lamp shades and covers with the ones that match your home aesthetics is a positive improvement. What’s more, you can create your own unique lamp shades with interesting DIYs. Don’t be afraid to try out some cool projects on your chandeliers as well. Still, it’s worth mentioning that installing dimmer switches can effectively improve the overall atmosphere in your home.

Furthermore, if you have a big yard, outdoor lights can make a significant difference. This is especially true if you install outdoor floor lamps along your driveway or garden path with beautiful flowers or shrubs in between each light.

Outdoor paradise

Now that we’ve touched upon the subject of your home’s outdoor look, there are plenty of renovation ideas as well. For example, monochromatic yard/garden look is one of the biggest trends these days. If you want a nice garden, minimize the color of your flowers to one or two. If you don’t have a garden path already, you can easily create whatever mold you’d like and use it to pour concrete. Another easy solution is to use bricks and pebbles.

Your furniture patio shouldn’t disturb the overall balance either.Luckily, you can effectively tend to this issue with waterproof spray paint. Paint your fence in the color you want for your outdoor theme as well. Still, if you have a swimming pool in your yard, it can stand out too much. However, you can’t use your regular paint on the pool. It’s important to apply several thin coats of special swimming pool paint so that your pool looks great and is safe to swim in. Also, here’s an extra tip for you. If you want to change the exterior look of your home but you don’t want to deal with painting it entirely, plant some wall climbing plants. Some flowering vines can grow pretty fast.

Before you start any creative renovation and remodeling home projects, it’s important to make sure that your home condition is satisfactory. Therefore, the first thing to do when considering home renovation is a thorough checkup of your electrical wiring and piping system. If those need some upgrades, you should take care of this task before anything else.

Amelia is an author on the site Smooth Decorator and now a fresh architecture student.Love for architecture and design runs in her family ever since she can remember.

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