Hate Your Kitchen? Check Out These Awesome Tips To Help Transform It!

Hate Your Kitchen? Check Out These Awesome Tips To Help Transform It! post image

We always love it when our kitchens are at the height of domestic fashion. The only downside to kitchens is that they go out of trend after a few years. That means we have to spend money refreshing their looks to keep up with current styling trends.

Of course, there are some people whose kitchens are seriously in need of a modern makeover! Some people just love their kitchens too much to rip everything out and start again from scratch. But if you hate your kitchen, you will be itching to start destroying it and building a new one!

If that sounds like a predicament you are in, don’t worry because help is at hand! Today’s blog post will give you some inspiration for your new kitchen design. And it can even help to make it more energy-efficient too! Check out these brilliant ideas:

Fit easy to clean worktops

One of the things you will spend time doing in the kitchen is preparing food. To do that job well, you need to have lots of worktop space at your disposal. But, what types of worktops should you choose for your new kitchen design?

There are a few different options. The cheapest is laminate and is used in kitchens where people have tight budgets to work with. They aren’t unattractive, and they are easy to clean. If you’d rather go for something more special, you might want to consider solid timber or even marble!

Whatever types of worktops you choose, you just need to make sure they are easy to clean. Trust me; in a busy household, you will have to clean them on a daily basis!

Short on space? Fit telescopic drawers

In smaller kitchens, it’s important to make the best use of space where possible. One way to do that is to use “deep” drawers. Firms like Accuride make telescopic drawers slides to help store kitchen utensils and equipment.

You can also see them used on tall drawers that slide out across an entire wall. Pretty futuristic, don’t you think?

Install LED lighting

Nowadays it isn’t possible to buy incandescent light bulbs. Instead, you are limited to CFL (i.e. energy saving) and LED lights. The former is cheap to buy and comes in a range of bulb styles. But the only downside is that they don’t last long, and they generate heat.

The latter is more expensive but offers more benefits. For instance, LEDs use less electricity than CFL bulbs. They don’t produce heat, and they last longer. Oh, and did I mention they offer brighter light outputs?

LED lighting possibilities for your new kitchen are endless! You could install LED downlights in the ceiling. Some LED spotlights at the bottom of your kitchen cupboards by the floor make an attractive feature. And don’t forget you can also install LED lights underneath wall-hung cupboards!

Consider installing an island in your kitchen

Islands are great because it helps to “open up” the space in your kitchen area. They also serve as a central point for all your family members to visit. Just avoid installing any bulky appliances in your island.

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