Great Bedroom Project Ideas For The DIYer

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Creating something from scratch and seeing it through to completion and use is what gives every DIYer a smile. Whether you are building a cabinet or just a tool rack, every little job you do is filled with passion and energy, and then pride once it is complete.

Some DIY projects are small, like building little Johnny a new pencil tin or your wife a new spice rack. Others require some more care and precision like putting up shelves or hanging a new door. Then come the really big projects.

We give you some project ideas for you to try this year that can benefit the whole family:

Shoe rack for the closet – This one is simpler than it sounds, and can consist of just a grid box that fits into the bottom back of the closet. It works great for any closet and tidies the shoes neatly into pairs. Silly mistakes most frequently made include not accounting for the true thickness of the wood used on both sides of the rack to ensure a snug fit in the closet. As a pull out item, you can always take it with you to your next house, or interchange it between your closets.

Bedside cabinets – If you are sick of having nowhere to store your personal items out of site, then you can look to convert your existing bedside table into a cabinet. You need to add sides and a hinged door. Some tables have ornate bowed legs that make this a lot more challenging. Alternatively, build one from scratch, remembering to order some quality feet to raise the box section from the carpet. If you are looking to replace your bed at the same time, have a look at websites like These are great for design ideas so you can try to match your new DIY furniture.

Towel rail – While metal ones are not the most expensive items in the world, they do tend to tarnish and dent quite easily and can soon look terrible. Try a good quality lacquer or varnish to your own hand made one to avoid the damp warping the wood. You can also use this project to become more accustomed to wood turning and lathing. This project is not too dissimilar to chair making but requires less material and less weight bearing. Use dowels if you like to secure the parts together. Some glues may not handle a moist towel, so check which variety you are using. If you are securing with screws, choose the anti-rust or stainless ones.

Underbed storage drawer on wheels – If you have ever built a go-kart, you will love this project idea. Create a couple of boxes using a typical template. Make sure they are sufficiently short of the height of your under bed space, so there is room for the wheels. Find some old trolley wheels, or create your own wooden ones. Now you have some great storage solutions that don’t require heavy lifting techniques to move out from under the bed.

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If you want something done, do it yourself; other wise it’ll never get done. Learn to do it if you don’t know and never despair until you finish what has to be done.

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