Give Your Home Exterior a Luxurious Feel

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You have probably seen it numerous times in high fashion magazines: amazing exterior gardens and backyards which seem like their design has cost more than the house itself.

Truth is, while it is much easier to create such stunning designs when you have the appropriate income, it is just as possible to come up with cheap creative ideas and decorations which will make your backyard stand out from the rest.

If you have been wondering how to get the most out of the space you have on a relatively small budget, read on.


Carefully prepared base is the key to success. Two solutions are a good start and the choice depends on your initial preferences. First, a lawn as a foundation for a more minimalistic approach in terms of other plants and second, a relief structure with combination of grass, sand and stone surfaces, for example. Once you decide, you build further steps on it.

Plants and Trees

Less is more in case you opt for lawn base. A central tree that will provide enough shade, surrounded by flower arrangements will be a good choice, with a sitting area under its top. On the other hand, if relief is your choice, depending on the surface you choose you will have adequate plant and tree options. Make sure you look into the matter before making a final choice. In any case, the sitting area is your next step.

Sitting Area

The whole idea of redoing your backyard was to have a secluded place to recharge your batteries whenever convenient. So, this is your centerpiece and should be fully customized according to your preferences. It was high time you treated yourself with designer outdoor furniture you always wished you had. However, do not forget that, apart from luxurious looks, it is the luxurious comfortability that you primarily seek for. Even your brief rests should be a treat, not to mention those occasions when you have enough time to read a book or listen to music outside, or to welcome friends and relatives for those nice outdoor early evening dinners.


You do not want even the bad weather to spoil your precious moments spent outside. Therefore you need covers to make it happen, and you need foldable ones which can easily be removed when unneeded. The choice of materials and patterns is wide enough for all tastes.


More often than not, people opt for neon lights which simply make your backyard look like a football field, instead of using carefully placed, discreet and warm lights as a lighting solution. Take a look at your backyard’s predominant colours and experiment with a few light types in order to come up with the perfect one. Or even better, take a photo and edit the lighting until you’re satisfied with the atmosphere, then go to your nearest home improvement shop and ask for advice as to what light you may use to achieve just that.

These are the minimum steps you need to make on your route to a luxurious house exterior. It is highly personal and luckily very customizable, so once you start you should not have any problems achieving your final goal, a personal luxurious oasis. Enjoy it.

Besides being a full-time husband and dad, Andrew enjoys blogging about different home improvement techniques from garden decoration to interior design.

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