Frameless Shower Screens to Add Value to Your Bathroom

Frameless Shower Screens to Add Value to Your Bathroom post image

Frameless shower screens have become very popular these days. The first thing that the homeowners consider while revamping their home is the beauty of the bathroom. These frameless shower screens are installed to add elegance to the shower area with that minimalistic design and clean lines. They are made up of toughened glass available in varying thickness and are shatterproof. Further, it provides complete safety against any slip in the bathroom.

Discussed below are some of the prominent advantages of having frameless shower screens installed at your place.

Advantages of frameless shower screens

  • Long lasting- When you install regular shower curtains, they usually last for only few years, say about 2-3 years. After every interval of these years, you are required to replace the curtains. However, once you have installed frameless shower screens, you can remain worry-free for lifetime. The glass used is tempered, which remains strong and tough for the decades to come. Yes, it is just a onetime investment.
  • Enhance beauty of tiles- Often; normal curtains hide the expensive tiles that you have installed in your shower area. Nonetheless, these frameless shower screens will flaunt it all. It will augment the beauty of tiles and the glass will create perfect focal points. Thus, in no case, the expensive soap dish, dispenser and other accessories will remain hidden in your bathroom.
  • Makes bathroom larger- Do not take it literally! Since frameless shower screen does not obstruct the view, it makes the bathroom look much larger. The frameless design allows a person to see all throughout the bathroom without any obstruction of curtain or anything. On the other hand, opaque doors can make your bathroom appear smaller.
  • Proper lighting- Traditional opaque doors can obstruct the natural light from entering inside the shower area. Usually, people only end up having a poor light in their bathroom. It is very important to have proper lighting for personal grooming. You cannot compromise with it at all. Frameless shower screens will help in allowing the natural light to enter in and make your bathroom bright.
  • Easy to maintain- The best part of installing frameless design of shower screens is that they are easy to maintain. You can just take a soapy sponge and wipe the glass. Unlike curtains that require proper washing and drying under sun, these glass shower screens are a cakewalk to maintain. In fact, you can use salted lemon juice for a sparkling glass door and spray vinegar on it to keep it hygienic.
  • Customized- Yes, you can get the frameless shower screen designed into the way you want. These screens are today available in different colors, finishes and custom patterns; you can get hold of the one that suits your taste. However, customized shower screens may cost you a little more expensive than the normal ones.

Tips to install frameless shower screens

  1. Be assured of the way in which the screen will be installed. You should note whether it would be fixed to the wall or the ceiling.
  2. Make sure that the shower screen is available with the shatterproof film in order to prevent any accident in the future.
  3. Acquire knowledge about cleaning and maintaining of these frameless shower screens. Do not use harsh cleaning agents on it.

Talking of maintenance, cleaning the screens with clean water regularly should get rid of most dust and debris. In case the screens mist up, use toothpaste to get rid of the mist. Apply some toothpaste on the screen and wipe it with a soft cloth.

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