Fixing PS3 Yellow Light of Death

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Having yellow light of death (YLOD) on your PS3 console doesn’t have to be the end for you.

This matter shouldn’t make you feel too frustrated because there is ways to fix this yellow light of death by yourself.

Yellow light of death refers to the temporary warning before an entire shutdown of your PS3 gaming console. Sony officially states that the yellow light could mean there is problem with an enclosed half caused by a number of reasons and should be diagnosed at their service center. This problem might happen due to:

  • Trying to install a game onto the HDD
  • Power surge
  • Terrible dust within your PS3

Getting a security driver and replacing the PS3 thermal paste with a high quality paste such as arctic silver is one of the options as this kind of fix has worked for a large number of users.

By the way let’s see some of the steps that you can do to fix the yellow light of death problem on your PS3 by yourself:

Clean the Console

Clear away any dust. You will notice that there’s a disciple vent on one facet of the console. This vent is very important because it permits adequate ventilation which prevents the console from overheating. When the vent is blocked off by enormous amount of dusts, it cannot breathe efficiently and results in overheating.

Check Minor Problems

There might be several minor problems that cause the yellow light of death to happen. Try unplugging your console for about 30 minutes. If the problem is not fixed after you do the step, try removing the hard drive from your console. You can also try to test with hard drives from any user that also use the same console.

Check all the cables and wires to ensure that they are not the factors for the problem. If none of the following tips still can’t fix the problem, there must be a more serious problem such as overheating in the motherboard.

It is always possible to check, repair, upgrade & customize your console by yourself. Just enable yourself with adequate knowledge. Get video games updates & tips from Gamers’ Collection.

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