Easy Guide To Skylight Installation

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One way of making your home more energy efficient is by installing a skylight.

They can provide you with additional lighting and ventilation.

While also reducing your heating and lighting bills, they are the perfect addition to a home to make it more environmentally friendly.

If you’re thinking about having a skylight installed there are some important things you need to consider.


An important thing to consider is whether you have enough space for a skylight. Before you start cutting out parts of your roof, you should locate blueprints and plans of your home. There may be electrical wiring and pipes that could be dangerous if cut into. Your plans should show you exactly what is above your head. It’s a good idea to get a skylight suppliers to give you their recommendations on size and styles to fit your chosen space. They may be able to advise on a more suitable location, which will bring more sunlight into your home.

The position is vital if you want to expand your efficiency. For instance, if you want more heat first thing in the morning you will need an east facing skylight as this will provide the more light and heat. Again, an expert will be able to inform you of exactly where you need to position a sunlight to suit your family’s needs.


Don’t feel like you have to stick to a standard rectangular design if you don’t want to . There are so many styles to choose from and you should consider this wisely. It’s not something you can change easily and is difficult to remove once in place. Take a look at Sunsquare for innovative and bespoke skylights. They can help you find a suitable design that will compliment and enhance your home.


You need to consider how you want your skylight to be installed. There are options available on the market that you can install yourself. But this can be dangerous and tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Badly installed skylights can cause you to lose heat, therefore making your home less energy efficient. Plus they can leak and collapse making them a potential hazard.

It’s best always to hire a professional to install your skylight. They will ensure your skylight is as energy efficient as possible. They will take into account the slope and moisture levels present. They will be able to recommend a suitable style to suit your home and fit it to a high level. Hiring a professional may incur additional charges you need to be aware of when buying your skylight. Some suppliers will include installation in the overall cost. So it’s best to research deals and promotions beforehand.

A Skylight will not be for everyone and after reading this you may have reconsidered. Or you may have decided that a skylight will make a fabulous addition to your home. Either way always make sure that it is installed by a professional to ensure it’s working at an optimal level. Your home will be warmer and brighter and you’ll have a great new view to admire.

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