DIY Projects Which Will Make You Proud

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DIY projects are a quality way to spend your free time. There is no man out there who would not feel proud and satisfied if he managed to build his own equipment. That is why all of us have that toolbox somewhere in the closet. We have come up with a couple of projects which any man can find convenient but easy to do as well.

Make a coffee table out of an old pallet

No matter how skilled handyman you are, you won’t find this project too hard. You have to find an old pallet that is ready for recycling. The first thing you will want to do is to get a sturdy brush and clean the pallet with soap and water.

After that it is time to cut the pallet in two. Be sure to measure it properly as one part is going to be placed in the other one and therefore they should both be of the same length. Clamp the two parts together and use end hinges to join both parts together. After that, it is time to add casters on the bottom part of your new table. Use sandpaper to remove any roughness on its surface and apply the varnish. Voila, your new coffee table is finished. These things look more vintage than you can possibly imagine and fit perfectly in any living room.

Build your own brick barbecue

Get the metal grill you want to use once you are finished to determine the size of your new barbecue. Using the grill as a guide, place the bricks around it to make the wall for it. You can make the wall thicker by using just one brick or more if you want it broader. Once you determine the size pour the concrete slab for it. Arrange the first course of the bricks around the perimeter of the slab with 1cm between them to account for the mortar. Add mortar and then keep adding courses one by one until you are finished. Somewhere around the 4th or 5th course of the bricks, turn some of them around so that they jut out into the barbecue. You will later use these to support grill grate. Before the mortar becomes dry, apply a jointer to the joins to make concave depression. All it is left to do is to scrape off the remaining bits of mortar and your new barbecue is finished.

Build a ladder shelf

You can use old ladders to build a shelf. Measure the dip and depth of each shelf and prepare wooden boards you are going to use to make each of the shelves. Cut them according to the measures you took from each shelf. Once you cut them, you should pre-drill the wholes for the screws somewhere around 4mm from each end. Screw the boards to the ladders from both sides and from below to in order to prevent shelves from moving. You should start from below as that one is going to sit the angle for the rest of the shelves. Apply varnish to it and you are almost done. Lean the ladders to the wall and use screws to attach them to it. Of course, all the drilling and sawing demands proper tools, so be sure to look for quality cordless tool kits before you engage this project.

Building all of these things will make you feel proud and increase your skills. You will enjoy using each of them, especially knowing that you made every single piece of them by yourself. So pull up your sleeves, grab your new tools and get to work.

Daniel is both passionate DIY enthusiast and writer. He has been building stuff as long as he can remember. Recently he has decide to share his projects with web communities, forums and blogs.

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