DIY And Maintenance: Low-Tech Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

DIY And Maintenance: Low-Tech Ways To Stay Warm This Winter post image

As the autumn turns to winter, there are several essential DIY tasks that need addressing. If you leave them to their own devices, the cold weather will soon be circulating your house. Yes, DIY and maintenance jobs are important when the summer weather cools off as they keep you warm. And, if you happen to live in a place where the stops the mercury in its tracks in winter, you know just how important it is to shelter away from the cold.

Here at DIY Home Tools, we understand that too. That is why we have put together a list of the low-tech methods that help retain heat. Sometimes, the little DIY jobs make the biggest difference.

Open The Curtains and Raise The Blinds

What could be easier than opening the curtains in the morning? Not much to be honest because all it takes is twenty seconds of your life. But, those twenty seconds can seriously raise the temperature of your home. The curtains and blinds block the winter sun’s UV rays, so your house doesn’t get the benefit of extra heat. It is that simple and effective.

But Close Them At Night

On the flip side of the coin, you want to close the curtains at night. During the night time, the temperature starts to drop as the sun sets. So, whatever heat you have in your house, you need to keep. Just in the same way they block heat from entering in the morning, drawing your curtains also blocks heat from leaving at night. If you want to retain heat more effectively, thicker curtains are the best choice.

Cover Bare Floorboards

Laminated floors or hardwood floors do look amazing, and during the summer they are the perfect choice. But, during the winter they can be cold. In fact, they can be freezing! The obvious answer would be to change to carpets during the winter and back to hardwood flooring in the summer. However, that is a lot of hassle. Thankfully, there is another alternative. Simply add a couple of rugs to the parts of your home that conduct the cold. So, instead of waking up to freezing floorboards, you can have the nice warm feel of fabric under your feet.

Fix The Air Conditioning Unit

But doesn’t the air con keep you cool when the weather is hot? Yes it does, but it also blasts out warm air, too. For all those homeowners who were ready to dismantle their HVAC unit and put it back up next year, you might want to hold on a minute. By leaving it up, you can warm your entire house without having to use the central heating. All you need to do is a bit of air conditioning repair 101, and you are set for the winter.

Programme The Thermostat

Do you have a thermostat? Then use it! A lot of people like to change the temperature on a regular basis. But, the aim of the game is to programme the thermostat and then leave it to work its magic. It should effectively heat the house and save you a fortune on your next energy bill.

Keeping the Big Freeze out of your home doesn’t have to involve huge DIY jobs. Small ones are very efficient and incredibly cost effective.

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If you want something done, do it yourself; other wise it’ll never get done. Learn to do it if you don’t know and never despair until you finish what has to be done.

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