The DIY Kit Homeowners Should Have

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Owning a home means that you are going to face lots of tasks and chores that need to be completed to keep it functioning. And you don’t want to be calling a repair guy around every time something goes wrong. So, what you need is a DIY kit, and here’s what should be in it.


There are two main types of screwdriver that you will need. First of all, there is the flathead screwdriver. It fits into the screw with a single slot, and they are good for prying items out of position as well.

Secondly, there is the Phillips screwdriver. This has replaced the flathead screwdriver for many tasks, so you’ll need one.


Whether you need to knock down a small structure or put some nails into the wall, you’re going to need a good hammer. Without one, you simply won’t be able to do these very common household DIY jobs properly. The best and most versatile type of hammer you can use is the claw hammer. If you ask me, every household needs one.


This is the tool that will probably be used more often than any other in your toolbox. If you only have one DIY item in your home, this should be the one you have. A good crescent wrench can be used for so many different tasks. The movable jaw means that it is highly adaptable and can be used for different jobs.

Drill and Bits

A strong cordless drill is an essential piece of equipment to have in your toolbox. If you haven’t got one already, you really need to invest in one. So many DIY jobs require one, and then you won’t have to borrow one from your next door neighbour whenever you need to use it. You can then buy different drill bits that can be used for different tasks.

Protective Equipment

When you’re undertaking any kind of DIY job, you’re going to need to think about safety. What kind of safety equipment you will need depends entirely on the job at hand. If you are working at heights, you should wear a hard hat. If you’re welding, you’ll need a welding helmet; read more about them here. And if you’re handling hazardous materials, you’ll need gloves.

Saws and Knives

Anyone who wants to do any craft work needs to have a good hand saw. There are different kinds of saws. A crosscut saw is important because it allows you to cut against the grain of a piece of wood. And you will also need a selection of tools because most projects require things to be cut or scraped.

Levels and Measures

Whether you are installing a new piece of furniture or building a chest of drawers, a tape measure is essential. It’s a small and cheap piece of equipment, but don’t underestimate how useful it will be for you. You can pick up a cheap retractable tape measure from plenty of stores. You will also need a spirit level. These let you know whether something is straight or on a slope.

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If you want something done, do it yourself; other wise it’ll never get done. Learn to do it if you don’t know and never despair until you finish what has to be done.

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