DEWALT DW3970 12-Inch High Tension Hack Saw Frame

DEWALT DW3970 12-Inch High Tension Hack Saw Frame post image

The DeWalt DW3970 High-Tension Hack Saw Frame provides a distinctive feature. Made from durable aluminum and steel elements, this saw frame provides a quick-amendment mechanism for fast, instant blade changes, convenient adjustment and designed-in blade storage.

Its soft grip, well-balanced body and hand guard provides amazing ergonomic feature while the hand guard is removable thus you never have to stress about it.

Versatile and sturdy, its function is straightforward with a guard to avoid you from any injury. To add the sensation, there is storage for blades inside the frame, where you can find the blades that you bought when it comes time to use the saw. Most users have high expectations for this hacksaw and yes it impressed them!

I used to think all hack saws were the same, until I ran across this little beauty. The tension adjustment is perfect. I have a tendency to over tighten my blades, which warps and ruins them. This saw just clicks the blade into place at just the right tension.” – Sean P. Logue – Read Full Testimonial

This saw is worth your money. Easy to change blades, effective two hand grip, durable, and availability for replacement blades add the value to this saw.

Throw away your old ones and quickly get this one to ease your DIY jobs. I might describe only a little about this product – the ultimate feature and usability of this saw can only be described when you are using it! Get DeWalt DW3970 High-Tension Hack Saw Frame now!

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