Decorate Your Bathroom in Victorian Style

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Elegant, luxurious and romantic are the key words, which describe the Victorian style. Fixture, furniture, and color shades are the best means of reflecting these unique characteristics of a bathroom. We have come up with some ideas to help you decorate your bathroom in this extraordinary style.


Tiles are most common flooring in bathrooms. Victorian ones predominantly have checkered, geometric, and mosaic tile styles. Dark subway tile is the most popular among Victorian bathrooms, because it gives the bathroom a classic note.

However if there are too many dark colors the room can get a gothic look.  Parquet and herringbone flooring tend to give a room somewhat vintage look. Placing a rug on top of the tiles is also a great option, especially because you will feel a lot better standing on a warm floor in the cold mornings.


Soothing colors go best in the room meant for relaxation, such as bathroom. Hues of pink, cream, grey, green, and blue are key colors for the bathroom tiles. These shades will give your bathroom a refreshed and natural look. Combine them with porcelain, marble, and bronze items for the timeless and mesmerizing ambient. The walls reflect the entire bathroom design and atmosphere, and also make the room look smaller or larger. Red contracts, unlike yellow, blue, pink, and grey which expand the space. Therefore, you should choose the colors that will visually enlarge the room. The worst thing ever is to have a bathroom in which you will feel claustrophobic.


Sinks and tubs are the main elements of bathrooms decorated in Victorian style. Clawfoot bathtub made from cast iron and lined with porcelain is the best representative and a hallmark of this period. However, if you are low on a budget, an acrylic tub in the same style is far better solution for you. When it comes to the sinks, a pedestal style is recommended instead of a vanity-mounted one. It provides an elegant, classic look that is appropriate for Victorian style. Furthermore, significant tapware pieces are marble and white porcelain pedestal sinks, with usually rubbed bronze faucets. You should choose to buy the tapware online, and decide in peace what the best one for you is. Lightening is paramount to every room you wish to design, not only a bathroom. Make sure these fixtures match the room colors and other items. For a finishing touch and perfect décor, place a few wall lights by the sides of the mirror with frosted glass shade. If you prefer chandeliers, one in crystal would make your bathroom very chic.


Vintage style accessories are the best choice for Victorian style decoration items. Ornate mirrors, soap dishes, and pictures will give the room a sophisticated look. Porcelain is the crucial material for mirrors and dishes, for it adds a refined note to the space. Antique or old-looking cabinets are a must in Victorian style bathroom. Moreover, they should definitely be ornamented with gold or silver. Lace or rose patterned bathroom curtains are unquestionably the best choice. Other accessories can include wooden blinds for the windows, or sheer curtains if you want to achieve a more decorative look. If you wish for a vintage look, you can place paintings in gold frames on the walls.

If you are tired of your current bathroom style, now is the right time to start redecorating and turning it into a luxurious and sophisticated space. Nothing says elegance the way the Victorian style does. Therefore, incorporate some of these ideas into your bathroom design and you will have the Victorian relaxation place in your home.

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