Decide By Yourself: Double R That Always Help You Save Money on Your Remodel

Decide By Yourself: Double R That Always Help You Save Money on Your Remodel post image

When you’re facing a renovation and remodeling project, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, other people, or Google these questions:

  • How much will this cost?
  • How long will this take?
  • How can I save money on this project?

I’m not surprised—at all. Like you, I value time and money as much as you do. Remodeling costs an arm and a leg already. Getting a bargain and saving some dollars will be a big help.

In order to cut the cost of a remodeling project, most homeowners haggle on the price of new items. Some take the DIY road to success. This article will introduce you to the two Rs that you can do to save some bucks on a project—reuse and replace.

Reusing certain items on your existing home is pretty common sense. But you have to be careful in putting old items to work again. You don’t want to compromise the integrity of the structure and the safety of the occupants. Know when to replace these items. Here’s a quick guide from our Sydney-based draftsmen for you:


It’s easy to identify when to replace or use your current appliances again in the final design. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How old is this?
  • Is it brand new when I bought it?
  • Has it malfunctioned before?
  • Does it fit in the new design?
  • Will it be a burden to move this?

Some high-quality appliances guarantee to last a lifetime. Keep it if it hasn’t gone any serious repairs in the past or if the item you own is still better than the newly released counterparts.

Don’t hesitate to sell them if it’s dilapidated. Old appliances are also  bigger and heavier than the new models. If it’s over the standard size of appliances of today (e.g. 30-inch fridge), it might be the time to say goodbye.

Plumbing units

During a bathroom or kitchen renovation, take these things into consideration:

  • Are my plumbing fixtures new?
  • Is it from a trusted brand?
  • Is this original or an imitation?
  • Are they irreplaceable?
  • Does it wobble and leak?
  • Is it contaminating our water?

Plumbing fixtures can last for a long time when it’s from high quality, heavy duty brands. It will be hard to let go of these kinds of units especially when they already stopped manufacturing them. Replace them when the pipes crumble and contaminate your water with chemicals like rust and lead. Invest in updated, tough, yet affordable fixtures.


Avoid recycling tiles. They will crack and break during the removal process. You will spend so much of your time trying to remove those tiles carefully which delays the project even more. Just tear them down!

Of course, it’s an exception if you’re after this kind of look:


Reuse countertops when you’re not changing the size of the cabinets and the shapes or position of the sink. If you can find a way to reuse the counters after completely revamping the cabinetry underneath, the better.

Just be careful because countertop materials crack when removed recklessly. Again, we don’t recommend recycled tile countertops.

Light fixtures

There’s no doubt that lights are reusable. If you like it, use it again. Just keep these questions in mind:

  • Are they in good shape?
  • Does it overheat?
  • Does changing them require council approval?

Residential building codes vary per region and per country. In some areas, the council strictly implements standard kinds of light fixtures. Some have to undergo approvals and certifications. These codes will be tricky and full of architecture, engineering, and law jargons so take the time to understand it before taking actions.

During a renovation, safety is above the money you save. When an appliance or a building product needs to go, let it go. These are the things that you have to decide for yourself. Remember, a remodel or renovation aims to improve your home. Think about it. If you keep the toxic, unneeded, malfunctioning, and ugly things in the design after a renovation, then—why did you renovate in the first place?

Charlene Ara Gonzales is a design writer from Superdraft Pty. Ltd., a company that provides affordable and quality architectural and drafting services in Australia. She writes about how proper design leverages businesses and improves people’s lives.

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