Cool Design Tips For Tiny Bathrooms

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The bathroom should be one of the most relaxing rooms in the house, but many people find it difficult to pull off if they don’t have a lot of space.

There are plenty of ideas that you can use to make things more comfortable, however.

In this guide, we’ll give you all the tips you need to know about turning a tiny bathroom into a more relaxing space.

Mount units high

If there isn’t a lot of floor space, then putting your shelving units up higher can give you some breathing space. Use metal frames with glass layers so that they have less impact on the eye. You could also think about using longer, floor to ceiling units with thinner shelves. This will use your wall space well and give you ample storage options if you want to avoid using cupboards. Tempted to build your own? Read our essential DIY tips first.


Remove anything from the bathroom that doesn’t need to be there. The more you have on show, the more cluttered any small room will feel. This is particularly relevant with bathrooms. If you have space outside, think about putting a cupboard in the hallway where you can keep clean towels and washing products. The less you have in the actual bathroom, the more space you will free up.

Use light colours

Lighter colors make a smaller room look bigger. Speak to a professional tiler to advise on the best sort of white or cream tiles you could make use of. Bear in mind that white can make things seem a little cooler, so if you go down that route, make sure you have some nice bathroom mats that can add the appearance of warmth. Think about matching shower curtains with the tile colours, too. It will add to the illusion of having more space. You can mix up the colours, but keep similar tones for the best effect.

Find smaller fixtures

It goes without saying that an enormous tub in a tiny bathroom is going to look ridiculous unless it is the only thing in there at all. Look for fixtures that will fit into your space well, and think about combining a bath and shower to give you more space. Also, consider getting a space saving toilet. Toilets take up a considerable amount of room and in a small area they can be uncomfortable. A smaller unit will free up space and give you more leg room.

Make Use Of Mirrors

Mirrors can have a dramatic effect on small rooms. They create the illusion of depth and make things appear larger than they actually are.  Schantz Roofing suggests that if you place them where the natural sunlight shines through a window, the effect can be even better to make any bathroom appear bigger and more spacious.


Even if your bathroom is smaller than your neighbour’s garden shed, there are many creative ways of decorating it to improve its overall look. There are benefits to smaller bathrooms, too. They are cosier, easier and cheaper to heat and, of course, a doddle to clean. In fact, when you think about it; if you ever got a bigger bathroom, you might even end up regretting it!

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