So You Have a Conservatory. Now What?

So You Have a Conservatory. Now What? post image

So you’ve bought a property with a conservatory. Or maybe you’ve built one yourself after reading about how cool and useful they are. But now you’re not quite sure what to actually do with it.

(If you actually built the thing, this seems like an odd position to be in, but hey.)

Well, what can you do with a conservatory? We’re willing to bet a few ideas are running through your head. Some ideas are stronger than others. Let’s have a look at some popular ideas for conservatories.

Home cinema

We all want a home cinema. No matter how big the television in your living room is, it’s still in your living room. Other things need to happen there. We want a room that’s dedicated just to watching movies, maybe using a projector. A lot of people jump to this idea when they’re brainstorming for their conservatory. But is it a good idea?

There’s a lot to consider here. The walls of your conservatory are largely made of glass, and this creates a few problems. First, glass isn’t great for interior sound. If you’ve not got adequate curtains or blinds, there will be light disturbance. It also means you’re putting a lot of expensive equipment in a popular target for thieves.

There are ways to combat this. You could take anti-glare measures for the screen. You can also make sure to beef up your security. The whole sound problem is tougher to deal with, maybe. You may want to consider a different use for your conservatory. A garage may be better suited for conversion to a home cinema.

Cool hang out

Your conservatory provides a full view of your garden. If you make sure your garden is a pretty thing to look at, then your conservatory can be a really relaxing place to be.

So what should you think about here? You need to create a comfortable environment. Get some comfortable and stylish conservatory furniture. Make sure the temperature is regulated; you don’t want your guests sweating or shivering. Get the comfort balance right and you could also have yourself a nice dining room in there. Eating a good meal with beautiful floral views surrounding you will trick you into thinking you’re on a luxury holiday. Who doesn’t like to think they’re on a luxury holiday?

As long as you’re willing to put the work in, a conservatory can make a great hangout.

Children’s playroom

Having an extra place to keep the children’s playful clutter is definitely an attractive prospect. You could decorate in fun colours to get your children’s imaginations going. All their books and toys can be kept in there. Having a lot of their play items separate from their bedroom may be a good idea if you’re worried about them staying up late. With all those distractions in their bedroom, they might be tempted to stay awake to play quietly!

The problem a lot of people face is that the conservatory must have been designed in a very particular way in the first place. It has to be absolutely safe for children to play in. You don’t want them falling on hard surfaces or running into glass walls.


Technically, conservatories are a type of greenhouse. Maybe you could just keep plants in there? The problem with this idea is that it’s, y’know, not very fun.

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