A Complete Change with a New Mirror

A Complete Change with a New Mirror post image

As we all know that mirrors are not only decorative but also functional for every home. You can change the total look of your interiors, bathroom or probably even the kitchen with a mirror.

You can opt for changing your old one or upgrade your current one to give a total new look to the room of your choice. The style and the shape of a mirror you opt for can make a whole lot of difference to the look.

There are certain factors to be considered before you opt for a new mirror or even upgrade the existing one.

Size of the Mirror

The size of the mirror should be able to reflect the impact you wish to create. The size can also be determined depending on whether you wish the mirror to be in the background or you want it to be the focal point of the room. Make sure you do not opt for a very small one as it tends to get lost. A large one works well if you wish for it to be the centre of attraction. This type of mirror requires an appealing and attractive frame. To make your room appear spacious, you can also look for a large mirror but with a simple framework. Smaller mirrors can work well if placed in groups giving accent to specific areas in the room.

Talking about Style

A mirror should be able to reflect your personality. You can think of choosing a mirror which is totally opposite to the style of your room. This should be done with caution so that the chosen mirror does not stand out unpleasantly. You can take the advice of a professional designer if you are not too sure. A traditional or ethnic home can have a gilt mirror, either with a carved or an ornate frame while a house with modern interiors can have mirrors with simple lines which can add to the sleek look of a home.

Quality is a must

Quality is one factor which cannot be compromised on while opting for a mirror. Look out for the thickness and silvering of the mirror and also the quality of the glass. When checking the glass, make sure the reflections are not distorted and don’t have any inconsistencies. Talking about quality, a good quality mirror will have a thick coating of high quality silvering.

Budgeting a mirror

Good quality mirrors can be a little expensive but are totally worth the money spent as these tend to last longer and do not distort reflections. It is better to wait and save to buy a high quality mirror instead of opting for a poor quality mirror only because it fits into your budget easily.

Plane Mirrors

These mirrors have a planar reflective surface and can produce an image which is of the same size of the reflected object. There was a time when these types of mirrors were made of metals like copper, brass or some precious metals, but these days these types of mirrors consists of a thin piece of plate glass  which acts as protection and does not tarnish.

Spherical Mirrors

You can also choose between the concave, convex or converging mirrors. The concave mirrors have the glass curving on the inside which creates an enlarged reflection. These are generally used as shaving mirrors. A convex mirror, bulging on the outside, creates a reflection which is a little smaller than the reflected object. These are normally used in parking areas.

The internet can give you a fair idea of all the manufacturers who can provide the required mirror for your home, and so getting one is not tough. You can take some time and browse through the different sites to get a clear picture of the different mirrors available and opt for the one that suits your requirement to the tee.

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