Clever Tips To Future Proof Your Home

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None of us know how long our homes are going to be around for. After all, it only takes a natural disaster to bring the whole place crumbling down.

But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for the future -and in this guide, we’re going to reveal some smart tips to do just that.

So, whether you are planning to be in your home for life or want to make a profit when you sell it on, read on.

Be careful what you spend

Take a look around at the house prices on your street right now. Take the average selling price and keep it mind when you plan for any renovations. A lot of people assume that you will get more money back than the money you put in. While this is true in some cases, it all depends on the street you live in.

For example, let’s say your current house value is $800,000, but other homes are selling for a million. By spending $100,000, you could well get close to that figure. However, if you love in a $500,000 street, and your home is worth $500,000, it doesn’t mean that the same amount of work will get you a healthy profit. You will, more than likely, get somewhere closer to the value of all the other homes on your road.

Be secure

When most people think about adding value to their homes, they forget about security. It’s a big pull – and it’s something you should talk to your neighbors about, too. The less crime there is in your area, the higher the home prices will be. And, of course, the less you will spend to replace anything that is stolen.

While we’re on the subject of replacing things, you should also make sure your contents insurance policy protects you well enough. You may only have cover up to a certain amount, and if you don’t update your plan every time you buy something new, you could push yourself over your limits.

Watch out for trees

Trees are a beautiful sight when you have them in the garden. However, they can also cause you untold amounts of trouble. It’s the thirsty trees such as lime, oak and poplar that you need to look out for. Their roots can spread out quickly when they are searching around for more water – especially during the warmer months. And, when they do, they can suck the soil around your home bone dry.

That makes for some delicate situations with any of your extensions, and anything else without deep foundations. Also, bear in mind that the roots of those trees can stretch some long distances – forty to fifty feet in some cases.

Protect your roof

You’ve probably heard about curb appeal. It describes how attractive your home is from the outside and is one of the best ways to set somebody’s mood when they come to your home for a viewing. These days, however, we need to do even more – you have to improve your Google Earth appeal.

Google Earth is becoming many people’s first ways of looking a look at your home, and it will center right down on top of your roof. So, make sure that your roofing is up to date and looking great. And not just to protect you from leaks and drafts!

There you have it – four great ways of future-proofing your home. If you are renovating, make sure you spend your money wisely!

Image Credit: Marcus Balcher

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