Blocked Drain Disasters & How You Can Avoid Them

Blocked Drain Disasters & How You Can Avoid Them post image

Most people in the Western world now live in a home with a plumbing system. Modern  plumbing provides fresh running water to the home, either to consume or to shower in. Systems are continuing to developing in this field, but that doesn’t mean that they all work perfectly.

Due to external factors and general wear and tear, most of us will experience some kind of problem with our home’s plumbing at least once in our life. One of the most common issues people face is having blocked drains. Even if you can’t see the various drains or pipes that are linked up to your home, you are still partially responsible for them – especially if you are the homeowner.

There are various problems that having blocked drains can cause, but you can get rid of them pretty quickly.

A foul smell

Drains serve one very vital purpose – to expel waste from your home. This can be everything from dirty water, to food waste, to waste from your toilet. Safe to say, it’s not particularly pleasant. If you end up with a blocked drain, these materials can gather and begin to fester, which is what causes the terrible smell coming from your drains. It can also quickly become a breeding ground for all kinds of insects and different types of bacteria. So, in the interests of you and your family, it is best to consider drain cleaning.

There are products available on the market that you can purchase yourself to help you clean your drains – but be careful as many of them are highly toxic. Try to identify the cause of the blockage yourself before choosing your path of action. Common blockages include foreign objects, cooking grease and hair.

Puddles appearing

A common sign of drainage issues is the sudden appearance of puddles around your home. If you live somewhere where it rains frequently, you may not even notice this at first. At it’s worst, blocked drains can be huge when they happen in the community. Roads frequently have to be blocked off due to enormous puddles appearing when a large public sewer is blocked.

In the home, you will generally experience a less severe version of this, but it can still cause damage if left untreated. Most of these puddles will appear outside in your garden, which can cause serious problems for either your grass or patio. If you have wooden decking, be sure to get the drain unblocked as soon as possible, as the wood may be irreparable if left underwater for a long time.

Wet patches appearing in the home

As well as puddles appearing outside, you may also see wet patches inside the home which can be a dead giveaway for a blocked drainage system. There are many pipes involved in a home’s drainage system, some of which are underground and some of which are hidden deep in the walls. If you have water dripping from your ceiling or damp patches, this could be either a leak or a drainage issue. It is important to get these issues checked out as soon as you can. Water build up in your home sewage system can be both unsanitary and potentially dangerous to your home’s structure.

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