Bathroom Makeover: Tips for a Quick Fix

Bathroom Makeover: Tips for a Quick Fix post image

Every now and then we grow tired of the same old surroundings, colours and designs. This can be especially troublesome when it comes to the bathroom area, as this space should serve as a sanctuary of peace and serenity. Of course, just because you want a bit of change, that does not necessarily mean that you need to start a complete renovation project.

There are easy and quick solutions that require just a bit of your time and creativity, and can be done without professional help – and most importantly – without breaking the bank. These 5 quick fixes can completely refresh your bathroom.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

If there is one thing that can completely transform a space, it is definitely repainting it in another colour. Giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint is quite a simple, but effective solution. It can give your bathroom a whole new look and you can easily do it yourself.

Do not hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Move away from the traditional blue and azure tones and experiment with bold and vivid colours to give your bathroom a new personality. Of course, repainting the bathroom does not apply solely on the walls. You can easily repaint your bathroom vanity or give it a fresh coat of lacquer, in order to make it look brand new.

Shiny New Fixtures

Another quick idea that can be done in just one afternoon, but will make a significant impact on your bathroom look are the new fixtures. While it might seem that changing the bathroom fixtures is a professional’s job, it can easily be done by anyone with the right set of tools and a handy tutorial. A new showerhead and a new faucet will certainly refresh your bathroom, but they can also save you money and water if you decide to choose low-flow options.

Replace The Bathroom Accessories

Did you know that sometimes the smallest details can make the biggest difference? For instance, replacing just a few minor details in your bathroom area can drastically improve its look. Things like a new shower curtain and a new bathmat can easily transform a bathroom, let alone if you decide to purchase a new set of towels and new bottles for all your bathroom necessities. If you are feeling ambitious, do not hesitate to add some decorative and art pieces or even some plants.

Shine Some Light

There is that unspoken rule that all bathrooms must have gloomy illumination which gives out that eerie sensation. Well, it is time to break some rules. Replacing just the shade or even the colour of the bulbs is a good enough change, but imagine what effect you can achieve by adding a whole new set of fixtures. You can always opt for LED bulbs, that provide great illumination and also last longer.

Storage Solutions

Lastly, in terms of more thorough bathroom renovations, experts advise to carefully plan your storage solutions. This applies not only on drawers, cabinets and vanities, but also on shower storage. There is nothing less appealing than stacking your shower necessities on the edge of the tub. Consider some handy solutions like a hanging shower basket, a teak shower organizer or even built-in shelving, which gives your bathroom a more refined look.

Contrary to popular belief, bathroom makeovers do not have to be expensive nor time consuming. If you are willing to invest a bit of effort and imagination, you can easily transform your bathroom area by yourself, using just a couple of handy tricks. So the next time you grow tired of your washed out bathroom space, remember that you can change its appearance in a weekend or two.

A student of architecture from Sydney. She writes regularly about home improvement and likes to read about sustainable architecture and design. In her free time, Lana loves cycling and spending time outdoors.

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