7 Must Have Home Gadgets

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Every DIY enthusiast has a set of tools that they rely on for every project. There are plenty of options, but if you are just starting out, these seven home gadgets are worth looking out for.

If you want to save yourself a lot of time for a little investment, then read on.


Spend money on a good drill and you will cut the time you spend on DIY projects by anything up to two-thirds.

We can’t stress enough how much easier your plans will flow once you have one. Go for a cordless drill for those hard to reach areas, but stick to a corded version for jobs that need sheer power. Whether you are drilling holes or tightening screws, a drill is a godsend in the most literal sense.

Circular saw

As your DIY skills progress, you are going to start experimenting with curved finishes. While a normal saw is OK for basic cutting through straight lines, you have to have a circular saw for those more intricate jobs. It’s going to save you an awful lot of time, and you will reduce the amount of wasted materials you use. Get one and watch your DIY skills skyrocket.

Craft tool

While we’re on the subject of intricacy, make sure you get a craft tool for those small finishes that more experienced DIY enthusiasts love. We like the Dremel 3000, but you can use any good quality craft tool to turn the dullest of shelves into a work of art. It will take some time to get used to, but with a little bit of practice your dull furniture will have a new personality.

Glue gun

A glue gun will save you so much time it’s unreal. Everything that you screw together takes effort – even with a drill. But a good glue gun will be ready to go in less than a minute and reduce the number of screws that you need to a minimal level. It is also an awesome tool for more delicate projects that a screw and drill aren’t suitable for.

Wallpaper stripper

Everybody should go through the sheer hell of stripping wallpaper with a hand tool at least once. If they don’t, they will never know the unbridled joy of using an electric wallpaper stripper for the first time. No, we’re not joking. Stripping wallpaper is without doubt one of the most tedious jobs known to man, and anything that can cut it down to around a tenth of the time deserves high praise indeed.

Electric painter

Electric paint rollers will cut down on the time you spend painting large areas, and also reduce the amount of mess that you make. Get one. Your painting life will never be the same.

Air con

Think about the sheer amount of dust and nasty fumes that you will create while getting stuck into your projects. With that in mind, it’s clear that a good air con system is essential for DIY enthusiasts. You will need to have regular maintenance checks to keep things working as they should. Air con firm Enviro Air recommend that typical households should have their units inspected twice a year. However if you are racking up a lot of projects, you may need to increase this.

We hope this has helped any DIY beginner identify the best tools and gadgets for their first jobs. Good luck, and let us know how you got on.

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