7 DIY Ideas for Wall Makeover without Painting

7 DIY Ideas for Wall Makeover without Painting post image

Walls are without doubt the largest surfaces in your home and the state that they are in can both make and unmake the impression of your entire household.

The color, the complexity and the state that your wall is in, are extremely important and they deserve all the attention they can get.

The simplest and probably the most effective way to improve their appearance would be to paint them, however this is not always the best solution.

First of all, painting is best done in summer so that it can dry quickly. If you leave them wet for long, your walls might get moldy and this is not something you want in your home. Furthermore, painting is a lengthy and pricy process which is why it is recommendable once every several years. Luckily for you, there are so many ways for you to do a complete wall makeover without painting your walls.


Probably the most common solution for wall decoration apart from painting the walls is to put a wallpaper. Wallpapers have one or two advantages of their own. They are easy to use as well as extremely easy to maintain. Another great thing about them is that the choice of wallpapers is quite wide. By thinking outside of the box, you can also come up with your own wallpaper solutions like using the old newspapers or pages from old books like outdated textbooks or old dictionaries. The choice is all yours.

Wall cloth

Hanging a drape on your wall will not only make it easier to maintain but also add an oriental flavor to your entire home. What better way to invoke the spirit of the Far East in your humble household than to enrich your wall with a nice wall cloth. Accessorizing is always a good idea and the choice of whether to put a stylish oriental drape or classic hand-knotted macramé from the 70s is all yours. Just make sure that you can envision this change in your home as a whole before you do anything about it.

Covering the wall

As we already talked about accessorizing your walls, it would be only right to further explore this topic. A nice painting or a picture is always a welcome addition for both aesthetic improvement and a cover up. However, what you must ask yourself is how much of your wall do you actually want covered. For example, for the most effect, covering-wise you would do well to use a shelf. You can always make your own shelf, and in this way further enhance this notion. This way, your shelf will serve two purposes, a traditional one (as a shelf) and as a way of further enhancing your wall.

Exhibiting your collection

If by any chance have a hobby which involves a collection of some sort, why not use your wall as a display, of everything you have acquired over the course of years. If organized carefully, this can create a dazzling and unique visual impression. Of course, here you will need shelves of some other kind or platforms on which you will exhibit your collection. In the end, you can always further accessories and decorate everything with ribbons or some other kinds of wall ornaments.

Exterior walls

Even though when mentioning wall decoration, most people will instantly think about the interior the exterior is also extremely important. Most people will even agree that, for good first impression, the exterior of your home is even more important than the interior. Since your outside walls are exposed to various kinds of climate changes exterior wall cladding as an insulation option is always recommended. This way, you will preserve it for ages to come. Cladding will also make the energy spending of your home less drastic and therefore save some money on your power bill.

Where there is will, there is always the way and with just the right amount of creativity nothing is impossible. Start thinking outside of the box and find some new and interesting ways of refreshing your walls without painting them. If you manage to have some fun along the way all the better.

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