7 DIY Home Improvement Projects For Retirees

7 DIY Home Improvement Projects For Retirees post image

Spring is slowly approaching. It is the time to repair your home. Many people start their gardens or ponds as soon as the snow melts. Yet we know you want to improve the quality of your home. Here are few home improvement projects for retirees.

Home Office

Retirement usually means no work. It may be an end to w2 income. However more and more Americans are starting home based businesses to leverage their expertise to earn extra income in lieu of a full time job. A retired worker often has 30+ years of industry experience. Clarity Fm, Upwork and various online platforms charge individuals for consulting services. The addition of a home office can be tax deductible . A home office is significantly cheaper than bathroom remodeling. It can range from just clearing a room of distractions and purchasing a laptop stand to changing the electrical system in your property.

Outdoor Aesthetics

If you are buying or selling a home in the near future. You pay attention to the outdoor features. A beautiful home can raise a property’s value by 20%.  Improving the landscape, coat of paint,fence,gutters and shutters are all factors in the overall appearance of the property.  A simple way to make your property look more lavish is installing stone veneer to your siding.The garage door is a part of improving outdoor aesthetics.  A garage door replacement is a relatively inexpensive home renovation

Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

The average cost for bathroom remodeling is $16,724.Mobility issues become more apparent as we age. Putting grab bars in the bathroom will prevent nasty falls. They only cost $20-$30 For each pull bars. Cost of labor for this type of home improvement project will set up back $70-$150. Other bathroom enhancements include tile,floor and wall replacement. Kitchen countertops are the delight of many cooks.  It may cost up to $5000  to remodel your kitchen.

New Technology

It seems like nowadays everyone has a smartphone. Very soon everyone will have a smart home. Home automation technology helps automate processes like temperature control and universal remote control of household electronics. Retirees can take advantage of this trend by investing in google home or amazon echo home automation systems. Google home has its own home automation system and they own nest. A company that creates digital thermostats and home monitoring systems,


Seniors are reluctant to age proof their homes. Being able to move in your domicile is very important. Making improvement to your home’s accessibility is not too hard.  Get rid of the scatter rugs around the house and install a wood floor or wall-to-wall carpeting.  Don’t add trip hazards to your home. Widen door ways is necessary if you are in a wheelchair.

First, when a door is open 90 degrees, the door plus hinge swing takes up about 2″ of the doorway. Remove the door hinges and replace with swing clear hinges. Even better is adding a wheelchair ramp  or chair lift. This way to eliminate the need for stairs in your home. Widening door ways isn’t a cost intensive home improvement project. Installation of lever style door knobs is very helpful for anyone with arthritis,carpal tunnel or any condition that makes movement painful. Easy installation and low cost for materials. Flooring gets underestimated in importance. Vinyl and Linoleum are slip resistant materials.  

Light It Up

Your vision declines as you age. LED lights are energy efficient and cost efficient. Conventional lights are slowly getting phased out.  Anywhere from $500 -$1600 for installation of LED canister lights. When considering cannister lights, pay attention to the type and size of bulb or lamp the fixture uses. Factors such as color temperature, lumens and wattage all affect the quality of light in a room.LED lighting helps lower energy costs and the bulbs are cool to the touch. Compared to conventional lights that can leave burns from just touching it.

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