6 Ideas to Make Your Backyard Dog-Friendly This Summer

6 Ideas to Make Your Backyard Dog-Friendly This Summer post image

Houses become homes only when families start living in them, but nothing makes a home more precious than a fluffy man’s best friend inhabiting the backyard, or – in some cases – the house interior.

Nevertheless, dogs enjoy playing in the backyard, and summer is an ideal opportunity to make their outdoor activities fun, and their time for rest truly replenishing.

Here are some ideas that will help you delight your furry pal, but also add some interesting new features to your backyard.

Deal with Safety Issues

Before you move on to the fun part, you will have to make your backyard as safe as it can be for your best friend. Remember that our dogs completely rely on us, and need our protection. First, set some boundaries that will prevent the dog from exiting the backyard. There are various options for that which can even make your backyard more appealing. Consider picket fence, a fenced dog area, bushes or horizontal boards. Even combining a few of these solutions can look amazing.

Provide Shade

Dogs are even more likely to get heat stroke and other heat related shocks and issues than people. So, make sure that doesn’t happen by providing your pet with a shaded area. Sure, a large tree provides the best shade possible, but unless you already have one in your yard, it will take a lot of time for it to grow. You can opt for some alternatives like shade sails or pergolas. A nice looking dog house (which you can make yourself), that goes well with the overall landscaping plans, will serve both as aesthetic element and a place where your pet can take naps.

Add Water Feature

There is nothing more delightful than seeing your furry friend jumping in some water feature to cool off. So, why not give your dog a chance for this pleasure each day? Install a water feature in your yard, like a fountain, pool or a small pond. You can even go for the affordable solution of kiddie pool. Speaking of the precious liquid, make sure your pet has enough of it available by placing several dog water bowls all around the backyard.

A Place to Play

Dogs need freedom to run around and have fun, and if your entire backyard is a restricted area because of special plants and flowers, you will end up having a very sad pet. Make your dog a playing area, by fencing a certain part of the backyard where you can make pathways, leave some place for digging and the (favorite) mess-making. When choosing materials for the pathways, choose the dog-friendly ones like flagstone, brick, smooth rocks and concrete.

Build an Outdoor Tunnel

When the weather is too hot, the days too boring and the homeowners don’t have the time to pay attention to them, dogs may want to escape it all through the magical world of playing. Help them do that by making an outdoor tunnel. You can make it even more interesting by putting some dog toys for your pooch to explore and chase when going through the tunnel.

Set Marking Posts

Dogs will be dogs, right? You can’t prevent them from marking their territory in your backyard, but you can limit the number of places they are doing it by setting up a few marking posts, so your backyard grill wouldn’t end up as one of them. Sculptural pieces of driftwood and large stones will allow both your family and your pet to feel like you are getting what you want.

These backyard adaptations will not harm your overall landscape, but they will turn it into every dog’s dreamland. You see, your furry best friend enjoys the simple things you can make in a matter of days, so why not give it a shot?

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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