6 Clever Space-saving Solutions and Storage Ideas

6 Clever Space-saving Solutions and Storage Ideas post image

Storage is all about strategic thinking. In an average home, much of the available space is wasted or underutilized.

Thus, before spending a truckload of money on storage options, see how you can make the most of your existing space.

The endeavor is worth it because storage is the cornerstone of organized living. And if you feel like you never have enough of it, then it is time to turn to smart space-saving ideas and keep the mess and clutter at bay.

Improve built-in capacities

One of the pitfalls to avoid is adding clutter with the storage solutions. Every piece of furniture occupies a certain space, or does it? Some of them are concealed and built into the environment. Take the example of fold-down changing table that can literally disappear into the wall. It acts as a storage nook for diapers, wipes, and other smaller items. Furthermore, if your kitchen is cramped, why not knock a hole in the wall and create a recessed pantry with adjustable shelves and sliding doors?

Go custom

The sheer awesomeness of built-in storage cannot be emphasized enough. Likewise, custom-built solutions save the day when you have to work with awkward spaces and shapes. The space under the stairways can be conquered with a custom closet. It is a nice spot to store your shoes and coats and keep the entryway tidy. The similar benefits come with a custom-built laundry sorter and closet cabinet. Moreover, the compartments make it easy to separate the laundry.

Rely on self-storage solutions

Nowadays, homeowners can take the stuff out of their abodes without throwing it away. Renting a storage space is not a new concept, but self-storage services are a breath of fresh air. I was over the moon to discover budget friendly storage in Sydney. In a nutshell, companies like these allow customers to use simple storage calculators, figure out their needs, and have people come with storage modules at their door. Even better, the items are delivered back to you whenever you need them.

Do it your way

Go DIY and strive to think outside the box. Repurpose household items that only collect dust at the moment. Did you know that old ladder can be turned into a towel holder? Well, the possibilities are endless. Grab a plain basket and add paint to obtain storage for blankets, scarves and other soft items. Apply the same recipe to tin cans and stock up on office organizers. Spruce up fabric-lined crates and store accessories or make lipstick organizers out of copper tubing and wood plugs.

Win-win scenario

Try to opt for versatile storage that serves a double purpose. For instance, a bed can be more than just a place to sleep. Some beds contain their own storage, usually in the form of built-in drawers. This is a perfect solution for all those books, toys, and clothes lying around.  In addition, take advantage of the empty space under the couch and pieces of furniture. Think beyond the unappealing plastic organizers and go for rolling crates. Apart from improving storage potential, they also add an industrial feel.

Assemble a multipurpose space

Think dual-purpose when it comes to the layout of the rooms as well. A garage can be a home office and recreation room as well. To divide and define the space, one may create an elevated loft: It almost doubles the space and makes your life much easier. At last, it is possible to literally increase the square footage of the room by reclaiming the space and making recessed niches in the living room. They may contain a storage closet or even a whole home office nook.

Personal space project

Utilize your storage space to its maximum potential and gain additional space. Each and every piece, no matter how small or big makes a difference. There is a place for everything and a role for both tiny tea boxes and clunky wardrobes. Do not hesitate to go DIY and get your creative juices flowing. Wrangle the overwhelming mess and make the positive change happen in your living environment.Just bear in mind that no amount of storage ideas can make up for bad habits.

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