5 Home Projects Best Left To The Pros

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Here at DIY Home Tools, we’re all about getting your hands dirty and taking on your own projects. We love the rush you get from fixing a problem or building something from scratch. Having said that, it’s really important to stay safe while working. Never let your ambition take you into dangerous territory.

No matter how handy you are, there are certain projects you just shouldn’t DIY! Taking them on could cause you injury or cause further damage to your house.

Trust us, sometimes it’s better to sit it out and call the experts. Let’s take a look, shall we?

  1. Plumbing

Water is one of the most devastating things in your home. It might not seem like it, after all, we drink plenty every day! However, a burst pipe or leak can cause all sorts of damage and problems. It can ruin carpets, destroy wooden floors and creep into the electrical systems. Flooding is a huge risk to your home. If you’ve got a leaky pipe, it’s fine to get in there with a wrench and tighten it. But anything bigger should be left to the experts. Don’t risk the catastrophic and expensive damage that water can cause.

  1. Roofing

We’ve fallen victim to this one ourselves. We all think we can replace a wonky tile or straighten out a ridge feature. You just climb up a ladder and crawl on the roof, right? Wrong. Expert roofers are very, very careful when accessing the roof. In most cases they now use scaffolding. You can never be sure how strong the roof is. One wrong move and the entire roof could cave in. Trust us, leave this one to an expert roofing company.

  1. Electrics

There are one or two small electric jobs we’ll tackle. We’ll happily replace a broken fuse and rewire a plug. In most cases, this is the route of all electrical trouble in the home and they’re a simple fix. If you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands, don’t try to fix it. The electrical systems in our homes are complex and interlinked. One false move and you could impact a circuit somewhere else. More importantly, you risk injuring yourself through electric shock. Leave this to an electrician.

  1. Structural changes

There is nothing – nothing – more fun than swinging a sledgehammer at a wall and knocking it down. But, before you start knocking through walls and creating open plan spaces, consult an expert. The structure of your home is a carefully balanced grid of load bearing walls and simple dividers. Make sure you know which is which. The same goes for any extensions or work up in the roof. Get an expert’s take on the situation first.

  1. Anything to do with gas

Quite simply, gas is just too dangerous to mess with. When it comes to your gas boiler or oven, bring in the pros. Gas is often silent and invisible. It’s impossible to know how much is leaking or where it has infiltrated. It requires specific pressure tools and equipment. Just don’t touch it.

When it comes to other home projects, go nuts! Get your toolbox out and get creative. But as soon as your health or your house is in danger, call the pros!

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If you want something done, do it yourself; other wise it’ll never get done. Learn to do it if you don’t know and never despair until you finish what has to be done.

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